Internet Ticketing for Homeowners

ITIC Lite is a simplified version of our web-based ticket entry system designed specifically for homeowners. Users can begin entering a ticket simply by entering their email address. Special tools make it easy for first-time users to identify their dig site while notification center professionals remain available for assistance.

To begin filing an online locate request, please select your region:

Western Shore Maryland & Washington DC

Western Shore Maryland
Eastern Shore Maryland

Eastern Shore Maryland & Delaware

Find a Ticket

Search & Status

Search and Status is an easy to use tool that helps users find processed tickets by entering a ticket number, using search criteria to find a ticket or using the Search and Status map.

The displayed ticket includes the Ticket Check ‘status’ by scrolling down the ticket to the MEMBERS NOTIFED section. A full list of time stamped status’ are available when ‘STATUS HISTORY’ is clicked. From the MEMBERS NOTIFIED section, Discrepancy and Dispute notices can be processed on a valid ticket.

Note: For ticket status codes, please select your state from the ‘Laws by State’ link in the navigation.

Click on, FIND A TICKET to select the Search and Status service area.