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Internet Ticketing for Homeowners

ITIC Lite is a simplified version of our web-based ticket entry system designed specifically for homeowners. Users can begin entering a ticket simply by entering their email address. Special tools make it easy for first-time users to identify their dig site while notification center professionals remain available for assistance.

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Search & Status

Search and Status is an easy to use tool that helps users find processed tickets by entering a ticket number, using search criteria to find a ticket or using the Search and Status map.

The displayed ticket includes the Ticket Check ‘status’ by scrolling down the ticket to the MEMBERS NOTIFED section. A full list of time stamped status’ are available when ‘STATUS HISTORY’ is clicked. From the MEMBERS NOTIFIED section, Discrepancy and Dispute notices can be processed on a valid ticket.

Note: For ticket status codes, please select your state from the ‘Laws by State’ link in the navigation.

Click on, FIND A TICKET to select the Search and Status service area.

Search & Status

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APWA Uniform Color Code

The facility owner or their contract locator will mark the ground with either flags or paint. The colors below are industry standard and each color identifies a specific type of utility.

White: Proposed Excavation

Pink: Temporary Survey Markings

Red: Electric Power Lines, Cables, Conduit and Lighting Cables

Yellow: Gas, Oil, Steam, Petroleum, or Gaseous Materials

Orange: Communication, Alarm or Signal Lines, Cables or Conduit

Blue: Potable Water

Purple: Reclaimed Water, Irrigation and Slurry Lines

Green: Sewers and Drain Lines

What Does Not Get Marked

Private Facilities

The notified utility owner-members will not mark privately owned underground lines. These include but are not limited to; invisible fencing, sprinkler systems, well and septic systems and their power or electric service, water and sewer pipes from the meter to your home, etc. If you have private underground lines and want them located, you should contact a private locating company before digging. Please refer to your local telephone directory for companies providing private locating services.

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Private Facilities Doc