Independence Day Graphic

Independence Day is an observed holiday in Delaware, Maryland, and Washington DC. Only EMERGENCY TICKETS will be processed for response by the notified members on this holiday. All other ticket types can be processed via ITIC, the holiday will not be used when calculating ticket validity or expiration dates based on State and District laws.
PLEASE NOTE: The day after Independence Day, July 5th, is also considered a Holiday in Maryland. Delaware and Washington DC are not effected by this.

EMERGENCY LOCATE REQUESTS are processed for notified member response 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using the following numbers:

  • Maryland (Western Shore): 800-257-7777
  • DC: 800-257-7777 or 202-265-7177
  • Maryland (Eastern Shore): 800-441-8355
  • Delaware: 800-282-8555