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Training and Safety

Miss Utility offers free ITIC training and Damage Prevention Seminars.

For ITIC training, a Miss Utility staff member will come to your site to review the ITIC application, rules and procedures with your staff. Length of training depends on the size and experience of the group. Please contact Dora Parks at 410-782-2026 or email at dparks@missutility.net to discuss your ITIC training needs.

For Damage Prevention and Safety Training, a training team consisting of a Miss Utility representative and one or more facility owners will travel to your location of choice to discuss basic damage prevention principles as they apply to the region in which you are working. The training includes information as outlined below using a power point presentation. Handouts include educational materials and promotional items. Training typically lasts for 3 hours and includes time for questions and answers.

Contact Dora Parks at 410-782-2026 or dparks@missutility.net to receive a request form to schedule your training event.

  • State Laws
  • Overview of the Maryland (Title 12) and DC (Title 34) Utility Laws
  • MDOT participation
  • Maryland State Damage Prevention Authority
  • Miss Utility Call Center Procedures & Services
  • Ticket  Processing
  • Internet Ticketing (ITIC)
  • Positive Response (Ticket Check)
  • Website Overview
  • Facility/Utility Clear Evidence (Communications, Gas/Pipelines, Water/Sewer, Electric)
  • Locating/Marking Guidelines
  • Utility Tolerance Zone
  • Safe Excavation Practices in and around Utilities
  • MOSH Protective System Requirements
  • Utility Damages

The MD/DC Damage Prevention Committee has pre-scheduled (5) damage prevention and safe excavation training sessions for 2017.

  • Reservations are required for any of the below training dates
  • Training is FREE
  • Educational and Promotional give-a-ways will be provided
  • Attendance Certificates will be issued via email upon request
  • Light refreshments will be available at 7:00am

The pre-scheduled training starts at 7:30am, dates are:

    Friday, March 31, 2017 at Miss Utility, 7223 Parkway Drive, Suite 100 (side entrance) Hanover, MD 21076

    Friday, May 12th at the SMECO Engineering & Operations Center, 14950 Cooperative Place, Hughesville, MD 20637

Space is limited. Please email Dora Parks dparks@missutility.net to reserve your company seats.

Miss Utility Training address:
Miss Utility, 7223 Parkway Drive, Suite 100 (conference/training room) Hanover, MD 21076

The following sites are available for your reference; they are various organizations that play a major role regarding safety in the excavating and One Call community. Miss Utility does not endorse any of the information you find outside of www.missutility.net:

CGA Common Ground Alliance
Maryland Occupational Safety and Health (MOSH)
NUCA National Utility Contractors Association
NULCA National Utility Locating Contractors Association

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