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Miss Utility is proud to announce the winners of the 13th Annual Locator Achievement Awards. For the past 13 years, these awards have honored the outstanding individuals who go above and beyond to ensure the underground infrastructure of Maryland and Washington, D.C., remains damage free. The locators recognized by the Locator Achievement Awards do their best to keep the public safe through their contributions to damage prevention by locating accurately and performing at the highest levels of safety in all elements of their profession.

The Miss Utility of Maryland/D.C. Damage Prevention Committee established the Locator Achievement Awards program to recognize locators who have zero at-fault damages and exemplify outstanding safety practices for an entire calendar year. The criteria for individuals to be eligible for the Locator Achievement Awards include:

  • Locator must have ZERO “at fault” damages for the period of 1/1/2015 – 12/31/2015.
  • Locator must have ZERO safety violations within his/her respective organization.
  • Locator must establish proactive working relationships in damage prevention.

Sixty-seven locators from around the region were recognized at a ceremony at Prince George's Stadium in Bowie on Friday, May 6, 2016. The 2015 Locator Achievement Award Winners are:

Adam Dove, Anne Arundel County DPW
Alex Wiggs, UtiliQuest
Anthony Jones, UtiliQuest
Brandon Blankenship, Howard County Utilities
Brian Bowlding, Dynamic Concepts, Inc.
Brian Parlier, USIC
Brian Rappa, USIC
Brian Wood, Charles County DPW/Utilities
Carlos Mendoza, Dynamic Concepts, Inc.
Cesar Mendoza, Dynamic Concepts, Inc.
Charles Campbell, USIC
Charles Durnin, USIC
Charlie Russell, Pro Comm ELS, LLC
Chauncey Clifton, One Call Concepts Locating Services, Inc.
Chris Brown, USIC
Chris Leuschner, USIC
Chris Patterson, USIC
Chris Robinson, USIC
Christian Macknovitz, UtiliQuest
Cory Holman, UtiliQuest
Craig Strock, Cecil County Government
Darrell McCain, USIC
Darryl Bradburn, Charles County DPW/Utilities
David Fultz, USIC
Debbie Edwards, Insight LLC
Edward Spriggs, SMECO
Edwin Torovelez, USIC
Eric Doering, UtiliQuest
Fabian Harris, USIC
Felix Chicas, Insight LLC
Gerald Roedel, USIC
Herman Wilson, UtiliQuest
James Hastings, Washington County Department of Water Quality
Jason Miles, UtiliQuest
Jeff Godissart, SMECO
Jermaine Street, One Call Concepts Locating Services, Inc.
Jim "Richard" Zell, Cecil County Government
John Clements, Williams
John Leitch, One Call Concepts Locating Services, Inc.
John Roebuck, Williams
Kelly McManaway, UtiliQuest
Ken Burton, USIC
Kim Dillard, Howard County Utilities
Kyle Joseph, USIC
Larry Hamilton, UtiliQuest
Lonny Lohmeyer, USIC
Marc Compere, UtiliQuest
Marvin Miles, USIC
Mat Gutierrez, UtiliQuest
Matthew Osbourn, UtiliQuest
Melvin McDowell, USIC
Michael Figgins, UtiliQuest
Olatunde Lawal, UtiliQuest
Pat Seamster, Columbia Gas of Maryland
Polly Weber, Elkton Gas
Reese Parks, USIC
Robert Gilhuly, Charles County DPW/Utilities
Robert Scott-Coples, One Call Concepts Locating Services, Inc.
Robert Smith, UtiliQuest
Sam Gogebakon, Howard County Utilities
Scott Roberts, City of Aberdeen
Shawn Smith, UtiliQuest
Thurman Posey, SMECO
Tiango Purdie, UtiliQuest
Tim Healey, Williams
Wayne Sargent, City of Aberdeen
Zach Black, Cecil County Government

"We'd like to congratulate all 67 locators recognized this year for devoting their careers to damage prevention and keeping communities safe," said Mark Hamrick, Chairman of the Locator Achievement Awards/Dig Smart Awards Committee. "We are honored to present them with this award for standing up as leaders and demonstrating exceptional utility locating practices throughout 2015."

Congratulations to all of the 13th Annual Locator Achievement Awards winners! To view photos from the event, please click here.

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