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ITIC Lite Important Information Page

Thank you for using ITIC Lite to process your locate request. Your internet request will be reviewed by the Call Center to ensure all neccessary data has been collected and to provide final processing. This review is done between the hours of 7:00am - 5:00pm Monday - Friday. If you do not receive a confirmation email please contact us at 410-712-0056 and ask for extension 4040. Please be mindful that the emails will be sent from md@occinc.com-PLEASE DO NOT PLACE THIS EMAIL ADDRESS IN YOUR SPAM OR JUNK FILE.

INCOMPLETE LOCATE REQUEST: If your request is incomplete, we cannot provide a ticket number. We will notify you via the email address you submitted that your request has been voided and what correction is needed. This type of email means that you do NOT have a valid ticket for your locate request; therefore, you cannot begin digging.

COMPLETED LOCATE REQUEST: If your request provides all required information, we will assign a ticket number and release the ticket to the affected owner-members. You will receive a copy of the released ticket via the email address you submitted. The ticket number is proof of your notification - please keep this number in a safe place. If you call the Call Center regarding this ticket, we will ask for your ticket number.

FACILITY NOTIFICATION: Your completed ticket number will include the list of the affected utility owner-members we are notifying on your behalf, based on your description of the dig area. The notified owner-members or their contract locators will identify buried lines by using a biodegradable and/or waterbased paint. Click here to view a list of the APWA color codes.

If you are aware of buried facility/utility lines, and the company is not listed on your ticket, you must contact that company directly. Remember, the Call Center does not mark or locate underground lines - this is the work of the utility owner-members or their contract locating companies.

The following members may charge for locating (homeowners may be exempt):

  • City of Aberdeen - all billing questions should be direct to Maryann at 410-272-1414.
  • The City of Baltimore - all billing questions should be directed to the City of Baltimore at 443-984-2706
  • Harford County-all billing questions should be directed to Sandy Mink at 410-612-1612
  • MD DOT Administrations
    • Maryland Aviation Authority - Billing Concerns should be directed to Fawn Maker at 410-859-7303
    • Maryland Port Authority - Billing Concerns should be directed to Michael Bozman at 410-385-4811
    • Maryland State Highway Administration - Billing concerns can be reported by clicking here.
    • Maryland Transportation Authority - Billing concerns should be directed to Matthew Lattin at 410-767-3698 or mlattin@mta.maryland.gov.

The following members do not locate on private property;

  • WSSC
  • Howard County Utilities Water/Sewer
  • City of Aberdeen
  • Anne Arundel County Department of Public Works
  • Frederick County Water and Sewer

PRIVATE BURIED LINES AND PIPES: The owner members will not mark privately owned buried lines. These include but are not limited to; your invisible fence, sprinkler systems, power lines providing service to wells, septic systems, or other private electrical services, water and sewer lines from the meter to your private property, etc. If you have private facility/utility line(s) and want them located, you should contact a private locating company before digging. Please refer to your local telephone directory for companies providing this service.

MEMBER RESPONSE TO YOUR TICKET: To allow the owner-members time to respond to your ticket, do not dig until all utility owner-members have been responded to your ticket.

  • Maryland:Wait until at least 12:01am of the third business day after your ticket is processed, then call the Ticket Check® system toll free at 866-821-4226 and follow the prompts for homeowner to find the status of each owner member listed on your ticket. You may also use the Search & Status® feature on our website (www.missutility.net) to view and print the locate status. From the home page; enter your ticket number in the space provided, then select your state and click on the go button.
  • In The District of Columbia: Wait at least 48 business hours after your ticket is processed. Some DC utility owner members have elected to use the Ticket Check System as their method of positive response. Utility Companies not using the Ticket Check System will contact you directly if they do not have underground lines in your area of excavation. Otherwise, their marked lines can serve as their positive response to your ticket.

SAFE WORK CLEARANCE: You may carefully "hand" dig around the marked lines. Do not use mechanized/electric/power equipment within:

  • Maryland Excavation:18 inches of the marked lines.
  • District of Columbia Excavation:18 inches of the marked lines.

FACILITY DAMAGES: If an underground owner member's line is damaged as a result of excavation, notify that owner member directly. The Miss Utility website provides a list of telephone numbers via the Search & Status® feature. If the damage results in a release of gas or other hazardous material, from a safe place call 9-1-1 to report the emergency.

UPDATING PROCEDURE: If your digging will not be completed by the expiration date listed on your ticket, please call the Call Center to update your current ticket. Ticket updating cannot be done via the internet.

  • MD Excavation: Call by the 9th business day after the call date at 1-800-257-7777
  • District of Columbia Excavation: Call by the 12th business day after the call date at 1-800-257-7777 or 202-265-7177

Underground lines are continually being installed. It is important that each time you plan on digging, you process a locate request regardless of excavation depth, by either using ITIC Lite or contacting the call center.

The owner members suggest that the dig site be identified using white paint or stakes. This will not only save locating time, it may also prevent unnecessary property markings.

It is not required that you be home for the owner members' line locators to perform their work. If your digging will take place in a locked gated area, please make sure the gates are unlocked and pets are secured.

The Miss Utility Call Center and Ticket Check® system are free services.

The Miss Utility Call Center does not perform the owner members' line locating or marking services. The Miss Utility Call Center is a notification center that informs the owner members of proposed digging plans.

Please visit our website www.missutility.net for call center related matters and to view and print this information using the Homeowner link.

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