Processing a Discrepancy or Dispute Ticket Check Notice
You may process a Discrepancy or Dispute using the IVR system or Search and Status.

IVR: Dial 1-866-821-4226 and follow the prompts to enter ticket number and process the notice.

Search & Status: Go to and select the tickets' service area from Search & Status.

  • Enter the ticket number into the Ticket Number field and click search
  • Once the ticket number is displayed, scroll down the ticket to the Ticket Check section
  • Click on the DISCREPANCY OR DISPUTE button located by the district code status
    • A new window will be dislayed, Enter Email Address.
  • Enter your email address and click OK
    • Next screen - Email Queue for Delivery.
  • Click the OK button.

Within a few minutes, you will receive an email frm to the email address entered above.

  • The opened email will state; Click the link below to finalize the Reporting Of A Ticket Discrepancy (or Dispute)
      Ticket #: XXXXXXXXXXX
      District: ABCD01
  • When you click the link, the following message will appear; Message #: Ticket Number XXXXXXX Has Been Processed

You must follow the complete process to successfully send a district code Discrepancy or Dispute.
The call center will transmit the Discrepancy/Dispute notice to the affected district code.
The member/locator should respond to you by contacting you to discuss the notice or dispatch a locator to your work site.

State holidays are not used when calculating the ticket's work to begin date. For a list of state holidays, click here.

Delaware and Maryland owner-members use Ticket Check as their method of positive response for all tickets excluding Designer (DE and MD) and Meeting (DE only). Please visit or to learn more about Ticket Check.

Do you have a work site problem or want to discuss damage prevention issues and get resolutions? If yes, then please consider attending a future 'Miss Utility of Delmarva Damage Prevention' meeting. Below is a link of the upcoming meetings and venue addresses. No reservations are required; the meetings start at 9:00am and end about 11:00am, refreshments are available at 8:30am and there is always a safety presentation. These meetings provide a forum to discuss work site issues, locating matters, Delaware and Maryland law, call center ticket processing and updates, education and outreach, national 811 campaigns - everything and anything to do with safety and damage prevention. Additionally, you will meet the local utility members, their locators and call center personnel, a great place to work out issues and get answers - you have a voice and we would like to hear from you. You are invited to attend the monthly Miss Utility of Delmarva Damage Prevention meetings. Below is a list of the upcoming meetings and venue addresses.
Click here for the schedule of events.
Please visit, for updates on all Miss Utility of Delmarva activities.

Click here to access the ITIC Tutorial video.

Click here to access the Understanding the Locator Marks video.

IMPORTANT: Your ticket mapping determines which facility owner-members receive your locate request; incorrect mapping may prevent the proper owner-members from being notified. Please notify the Miss Utility Helpdesk at 410-712-0056 or email, if you have any questions regarding member notification of your ticket.

Contact the Miss Utility Center if you have any questions.


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