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Delaware Ticket Check® Response Codes

1 Clear/No Conflict.
2 Marked.
3 24-hour delay - Member requested a 24-hour locate extension.
4 48-hour delay - Member requested a 48-hour locate extension.
5 Not Complete/In Progress: Locator has spoken to excavator and they have agreed to this message.
6 Locate discrepancy.
7 Not Complete/In Progress: Dispute.
8 Utility Locator has not yet responded.
9 Marked up to privately owned utility.
10/A Incorrect work site mapping, insufficient information, and/or wrong address.
11/B Installation, Maps or other documentation has been provided.
12/C Locator could not gain access to property.
13/E No Locate Contractor work completed.
14/F No Locate Locator requests meeting with excavator.
15/G No Locate Locator requests white lining of area due to large scope of work or unclear extent of work.
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