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Kevin Woolbright, Chairman, Mark Hamrick, Vice Chairman & Dora Parks, Secretary
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Minutes of the meeting held on August 25, 2015
Prepared by Dora Parks, Secretary

Chairman Kevin Woolbright called the regular monthly meeting to order at 9:32 am followed by the customary introductions.  There were 32 attendees at the meeting.

The minutes of July 28, 2015 were approved as written.

None reported.

Cal Brooks (Howard County) reported the county started a project in July 2015 where they are installing (107) 30,000 gallon tanks for the Fire Department’s fire suppression. The tanks are being installed in western Howard County, 20 tanks have been completed. The tanks will be added to the county’s district polygons for ticket notification.  Cal has as-builds if anyone needs them and will provide installation updates to the committee.

Lenny Corbin (Gray and Son) inquired about Baltimore City charges.  Dora Parks (Miss Utility) stated Title 12 (12-128) allows for a political subdivision, Municipal Corporation, DOT and an administration or authority of DOT to charge for their compliance to Title 12.

Tim Kaptein (Comer Construction) voiced concerns regarding Verizon’s new approach to reporting work-site clear evidence to a new number; 800-492-3100.  Mark Hamrick (Verizon) stated that contractors who receive a Ticket Check code of ‘clear/no conflict’ but see evidence of Verizon facilities should first call the 800 number and then file a Ticket  Check Discrepancy notice so the ticket will be unlocked for subsequent re-coding. Jim Barron (ED, Maryland Authority) stated that Verizon is not the first utility to screen tickets.  Meeting attendees reported they are receiving clear/no conflict for certain types of work (i.e., landscaping, installing a mail box, planning trees or shrubs) and there are Verizon lines on site.  Scott Brown (WGL) stated that the VSC is fining about $60,000 per month.

Scott Brown informed the committee of a new locate positive response called, Enhanced Positive Response (EPR).  Excavators processing tickets in the WGL footprint will receive a manifest, ticket copy, ortho, picture, and survey from UtiliQuest, WGL contract locating company.  Scott Brown also introduced a brand new service from WGL called, ‘Clear Before You Dig’ in response to the nationwide cross-bore issue. When plumbers are using cutting type pipe cleaning tools, they contact WGL, in response WGL will investigate the sewer line to ensure gas has not been bored through it.  Scott stated this new service is in the best interest of public safety.

Mark Hamrick (Verizon) reported the new cross bore law will go into effect October 1, 2015.  This new laws requires that a tracer wire be installed with any new or fully replaced private sewer or water pipe.  Jim Barron stated The Maryland Plumbing Board recently contacted him for his interpretation of the new law.

Scott Brown, WGL-Committee Chairman   Vince Healy, Verizon-Vice Chairman   Dora Parks, Miss Utility/One Call Concepts- Secretary

Scott Brown stated the function of the committee is working together to promote damage prevention and safe excavation practices in Maryland and the District of Columbia.  To oversee the operations of the one-call center and implement changes based on technology and stakeholder needs. Scott Brown added that it is the owner-members who support for the one-call services.

The next committee meeting is scheduled for October 8th in Cumberland, Maryland.

The Subscriber Committee and Board of Directors are active participants with the Maryland Authority regarding Title 12 Law modifications for a future rewrite.

Scott Brown, WGL- Committee Chairman, Meena Gowda, Esq., DC Water-Vice Chairman, Dora Parks, Miss Utility/One Call Concepts-Secretary

Scott Brown stated that the District of Columbia is one of seven states that does not have an effective damage prevention law as provided by US DOT’s PHMSA (Pipelines and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration).  This is the reason a steering committee to rewrite the District law was established in late 2013.The committee has concluded the rewrite draft and plans to have the legislative copy to the District of Columbia Counsel and Mayor later this year.  Enforcement of Title 34 in the new draft will be stakeholder driven with a focus is on training and outreach. The committee will be meeting on August 26th, this is an open meeting and all stakeholders were encouraged to attend.

Meetings, minutes, attendance and draft working copies are available at;   http://www.missutility.net/SteeringCommitteeRewriteDcLaw/index.asp

If you would like to receive committee meeting information, please contact Dora Parks at dora@missutility.net.

Kevin Woolbright, WSSC-Chairman and Jim Barron, Executive Director

Jim Barron stated the Authority has been relocated to a new suite at 7223 Parkway Drive and that an assistant, Susan Stroud has been hired as part time.

Jim Barron provided information from a recent meeting outlining PHMSA’s approach to states without effective enforcement in their damage prevention laws; 49 CFR 198 –New Subpart D.  New limited enforcement authority for PHMSA pertaining to excavators who damage pipelines in states with inadequate damage prevention enforcement programs. The judgement process for excavators cited by PHMSA is the same as for operators cited by PHMSA for violations of pipeline safety regulations. Grant funding may be subject to a 4% reduction to states that have an inadequate enforcement damage prevention program.

Jim Barron reported that one subscriber seat will be available for appointment by the Governor. WGL and BGE are both interested in submitting names for this seat.  The locator seat is also available; Tom Hastings (OCC Locating Services) has occupied this seat for the past two years and can fill a second term; Tom Hastings stated he would like to continue with the Authority Board as the locator representative. Kevin Woolbright asked if there were any other locating company’s interested in this seat, Juan Vogel (UtiliQuest) stated he would like to be considered.  Both applicants will complete documentation regarding their experience and qualifications that will be forwarded to the call center contract locating companies for their recommendation.  The DPC committee will have the final vote for the locator seat.

Jim Barron also reviewed the need for Authority operational funding. Vince Healy (Verizon) suggested that excavators complete a computer based training on Maryland law for a fee on an annual basis. VA811 was funded by PHMSA to develop this type of training.  It was recommendation that a demo of the training be provided.

Jim Barron will provide an Authority presentation during the Miss Utility of Delmarva membership meeting on September 17th.

Kevin Woolbright, WSSC-Chairman, Dora Parks, Miss Utility-Vice Chairman

The committee received 19 entries for the Dig Smart Awards. The committee will review the entries during a meeting on August 25th to determine the Maryland and Washington DC winner. .  Dig Smart winners will be recognized during the GCDPTC in Ocean City, MD.

Please visit, http://www.missutility.net/missutilityawards/maryland_awards.asp to learn more about the awards.

Chairman, Matt Ruddo (One Call Concepts)

Dora Parks thanked the sponsors and exhibitors for their support of the 7th annual GCDPTC being held during October 27-30, 2015 at the Clarion Resort in Ocean City, MD. The list of sponsors and exhibitors were read. To date, 230 folks have registered for the conference. Thirteen session topics will be offered;

  • Case Study: FBI Investigation into Locate Request Fraud
  • Common Ground Alliance Update
  • Damage Prevention Jeopardy!
  • Excavation Equipment Best Practices: Case Studies
  • General MOSH/OSHA Update
  • ITIC Next Generation
  • Law Update for Delaware, Maryland and Washington, D.C.
  • Locating for Non-Locators
  • Maryland Cross Bore Prevention Program
  • New Construction Confined Space Standard Update
  • OSHA 1926, Subpart C, Overview
  • PHMSA Update
  • Proper Excavation at "Brownfield" Sites

Networking events include a Tuesday afternoon cornhole tournament and on Wednesday morning a golf tournament.  The Welcome Reception will kick off the exhibitor hall on Wednesday evening. 
The conference website provides up to date conference information, www.missutilityconference.com
Anyone interested in sponsorships or exhibitor opportunities should contact Dora Parks, dora@missutility.net
Emily Meier, MGH-Account Representative

Miss Utility hosted a damage awareness event at DC United the evening of August 22nd at the RFK Stadium. Area contractors will be invited to a soccer game that will include a meal, various displays, educational and promotional give-a-ways and a DC United soccer scarf to remind them to call before they dig.  Spanish interpreters were on hand to answer excavator questions and safe digging practices.  Scott Brown stated it was a good event.


Trade Shows
Emily Meier stated there had been 22 trade show events completed since January 2015 some spanning over several days for the western Maryland and District area. Future shows include;

  • Garrett County Home & Garden Show
  • Garrett County Fairgrounds
    McHenry (Deep Creek Lake), MD
    Sept. 26-27, 2015
    Approximate number of attendees: 1,000-1,250

  • Chesapeake Region Safety Council Conference & Expo
  • Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory
    Laurel, MD
    Oct. 7, 2015
    Approximate number of attendees: 300

  • Maryland Home and Garden Show (Fall)
  • Maryland State Fairgrounds
    Timonium, MD
    Oct. 16-18, 2015
    Approximate number of attendees: 20,000

If you are interested in volunteering for any Trade Shows or would like to receive the updated Trade Show emails, please email Emily Meier at emeir@mghus.com

Damage Prevention and Safety Training
Dora Parks, Miss Utility-Training Coordinator

Past Training Events

  • Maryland DPT on July 29th – McHenry
  • Howard County, Mayfield Depot on August 3rd
  • Western PHMSA 811 Day on August 6 in DC
  • Decisive Communications on August 10th, Frederick County

Future Training Events

  • Childs Landscaping on August 28th
  • Cherry Hill Construction on September 3rd
  • The Town of Perryville, DPW on September 9th
  • Quarterly Training at Miss Utility on September 11th
  • Cherry Hill Construction on September 15th

To schedule a FREE Damage Prevention & Safety Training, please contact Dora Parks, Manager of Client Relations at 410-782-2026 or dora@missutility.net.

There being no further business brought before the committee, the meeting adjourned at 11:14am

Next MD/DC Damage Prevention Committee Meeting; September 22, 2015 starting at 9:30am; refreshments are available at 9:00am at Miss Utility, 7223 Parkway Drive, Suite 100 Hanover, MD 21076.

Monthly meeting minutes and the attendee contact list is available at,


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Absolute Underground Steve Danlo (410) 768-2607 steved@absoluteunderground.com
Anchor Construction Jim Bieber (202) 269-6694 jbieber@anchorconst.com
Anchor Construction Will Metzger (202) 269-6696 wmetzger@anchorconst.com
BGE Charles McCadden (443) 463-1200 charles.mccadden@bge.com
Comcast Tim Kempa (410) 933-1137 Tim_kempa@cable.comcast.com
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Comer Construction Tim Kaptein (443) 807-2391 tim@comerconstruction.com
DCI Jay DeCastro (202) 480-4878 jdcastro@dcihq.com
Gray & Son Lenny Corbin (410) 365-4156 lcorbin@graynson.com
Howard County Cal Brooks (410) 313-4952 cbrooks@howardcountymd.gov
Howard County Wesley Warren (443) 745-2233 wwarren82479@gmail.com
Insight Justin Lilly (571) 422-0047 jlilly@planwithinsight.com
Lambert Cable Splicing Jeff Jones (301) 725-8054 jeff.jones@lambertcable.com
MDUFDPA Jim Barron (410) 365-5182 jim.barron@mddpa.org
MDUFDPA Susan Stroud (410) 782-2103 susan.stroud@mddpa.org
MGH Emily Meier   emeier@mghus.com
NPL James Randy Carey (571) 921-0201 jcarey@gonpl.com
NPL Luis Torres (301) 322-4210 ltorres@gonpl.com
NPL Sandra Bankowski sbankowski@gonpl.com
OCC Locating Service Tom Hastings (410) 712-0202 thastings@occls.com
One Call Concepts/Miss Utility Dora Parks
Committee Secretary
(410) 782-2026 dparks@missutility.net
SMECO Lisa Hurley (410) 535-9403 lisa.hurley@smeco.coop
SMECO Pam March (301) 997-1072 pamela.march@smeco.coop
USIC Joe Feronti (443) 239-4402 josephferonti@usicllc.com
Utiliquest Erik Phillips (443) 324-7835 erik.phillips@utiliquest.com
Utiliquest Juan Vogel
(703) 929-9710 juan.vogel@utiliquest.com
Utiliquest Mike Burns (443) 786-7994 mike.burns@utiliquest.com
VA 811 Leslie Fannon (703) 994-5177 lfannon@va811.com
Verizon Mark Hamrick
Committee V. Chairman
(410) 610-1371 Mark.a.hamrick@verizon.com
Washington Gas Don Jones (703) 750-5510 djones@washgas.com
WSSC Deena Joyce (301) 206-8259 djoyce@wsscwater.com


Kevin Woolbright
Committee Chairman
(240) 205-3684 kwoolbr@wsscwater.com
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