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Damage Prevention Committee

Maryland and DC Damage Prevention Meeting
Kevin Woolbright, Chairman, Mark Hamrick, Vice Chairman & Dora Parks, Secretary
  7223 Parkway Drive, Suite 100
 Hanover, MD 21076

Minutes of the meeting held on February 24, 2015
Prepared by Dora Parks, Secretary

Chairman Kevin Woolbright called the regular monthly meeting to order at 9:30 am followed by the customary introductions.  Meeting attendance is 39.

The minutes of January 27, 2015 were approved as written.


February snow causing issues in Maryland for utility owners; Kevin Woolbright (WSSC) reported that WSSC was experiencing an abundance of water main breaks during February’s cold season and thanked the utility members/locators for their responses to their emergency tickets.  Tom Hastings (OCCLS) stated it had been difficult to locate water due to the heavy snow, snow piles and parked cars sitting on top of water vaults. Lisa Hurley (SMECO) working with a number of contractors to plow snow in SMECO territories.

Tim Kaptein (Comer) commented on contractors working on jobs where the general/prime has processed tickets.  Jim Barron (MD Authority) shared the number of law violation claims being received by the Authority for this exact issue.  Maryland law requires a ticket be processed by the company doing the digging/excavating or demolition work for any depth by any tool, hand or mechanized.

Mitzi Ambush (PEPCO) discussed an issue in her service territory where contractors with tickets are asking heavy equipment operators from other companies to operate their equipment on job sites. 

Washington Gas and UtiliQuest collaborated on a vehicle to heighten awareness and damage prevention education.  It is called the, Care Van.  This vehicle is wrapped in VA, MD and DC messages regarding law and damage prevention messages on the outside.  The inside provides a DVD screen and player for viewing one call, damage prevention and safe excavation DVD’s.  The van also includes educational and promotional give-a-ways to promote the damage prevention message.  The van will travel VA, MD and DC and have a presence at WGL damages for both homeowners and construction sites.  The van was on display at the Miss Utility meeting and was well received by the committee.  Next stop for the van, CGA in Orlando, Florida.

SAFETY and EDUCATION PRESENTATION – Contractor Down Time, the Economic Loss Rule
Guest Speaker, Mark Hamrick (Verizon)

Mark provided information using a power point for the recurring question, can the excavator be reimbursed for down time due to some type of utility issue (miss marks, no marks, waiting for marks and damages). Mark offered a copy of the presentation upon request.

Mark Hamrick facilitates the monthly awareness and safety/education message and encouraged the committee to contact him to present at future meetings by phone (410-610-1371) or email (mark.a.hamrick@verizon.com).

Scott Brown, Chairman (Washington Gas)   Vince Healy, Vice Chairman (Verizon)   Dora Parks, Secretary (Miss Utility/One Call Concepts) 

Kevin Woolbright introduced the new name and structure for the MD/DC owner-members (Subscribers) committee; The MD/DC Miss Utility Board of Directors and Committee. This is now a stakeholder driven committee with owner-members having voting rights.  There are two non-voting seats on the board; excavator outreach and locator outreach. These seats will enable the excavation and locator communities to bring questions, concerns and process improvement suggestions to the voting board. The MD/DC Damage Prevention Committee provides endorsements for these seats.  Self-nominations were accepted regarding both seats as follows;

Contract Locators; Joe Feronti (USIC), Charlie Russell (Pro Comm E. L.S.), Tom Hastings (OCCLS) and Juan Vogel (UtiliQuest). 

Contractors; Will Gooch (Decisive) and Joe Shelton (B.F. Joy)

The DP Committee voted and will forward their endorsement to the BOD:

    Contract Locator; Juan Vogel
    Contractor: Joe Shelton

Kevin thanked all the nominees for their wiliness to serve on the BOD committee. 

The next Board of Directors & Committee Meeting will be on April 9th at 9:30am at the Miss Utility call center. The remainder of the voting utility seats will be selected and officers voted on.  All member utility owners are encouraged to participate in the committee and attend the quarterly meetings.

The Miss Utility Board of Directors Committee is an active participant with the Maryland Authority regarding Title 12 Law modifications for a future rewrite.

Scott Brown, Chairman (Washington Gas)   Meena Gowda, Esq., Vice Chairman (DC Water)  Dora Parks, Secretary (Miss Utility/One Call Concepts)

Report provided by Dora Parks; Since 2014, the DC Steering Committee has meet 36 times to work in consensus on the Title 34 law rewrite.  The goal is to reduce damages in the District of Columbia and to fully comply with the PHMSA, Nine Elements for an effective damage prevention program.  During the past five meetings most of the committee time has been spent on law enforcement; creating structure and procedures for receiving law violations, review of those violations and accessing fines due to violations in addition to discussions regarding funding.  All stakeholders and interested persons are invited to attend these public committee meetings.  Please contact Dora Parks (dora@missutility.net) to receive the meeting schedule or to be put on the rewrite email distribution list.

Meeting minutes, attendee list and Title 34 rewrite draft are available on the website at; http://www.missutility.net/SteeringCommitteeRewriteDcLaw/index.asp

Executive Director, Jim Barron   Chairman, Kevin Woolbright

Jim Barron reported the Authority submitted their required 2014 Annual Report to the Governor’s office.  A copy of the report is available via the Authority website (www.mddpa.org).  The Authority voted on a new meeting format for 2015, some scheduled Authority committee dates will be a meeting only, while other specified dates will be designated to probable law violator hearings.

The Authority is active in participating in contractor trade shows in addition to several presentations in Maryland. WGL approached the Authority regarding a public safety issue regarding sewer cross bores.  Homeowners who contracted plumbers due to blocked sewer lines have the potential of cutting through an unknown gas line creating an explosive condition.  A bill was proposed to the House on February 19, 2015 (Bill 341) requiring all new and fully replaced private sewer lines to include a tracer wire during installation.  The Senate will hear this same bill (Bill 401) on February 24th.  Jim will provide additional information during the March committee meeting.

Authority meetings are open to the public; the next planned meeting is scheduled for March 4, 2015.

Chairman, Kevin Woolbright (WSSC)   Vice Chairman, Dora Parks (Miss Utility)

Dora Parks reported that 2014 marks the 12th annual Locator Achievement Awards.  The committee met on January 27th to start planning the awards process and banquet. Meeting highlights are as follows;

  • Due to county ticket volume the regions were reallocated - Anne Arundel will now be stand-alone region #7 with a new region #9 that includes Howard, Carroll and Frederick counties.
  • Modifications were made to the nomination form to include jacket sizes and names.
  • Locator nominations will be delivered by 2/3 and due on 2/20.
  • Locators winning 3 plus times will have jacket options for their award.
  • The awards banquet will be held on May 1st by invitation only at the Bowie Baysox stadium.

The next committee meeting is scheduled for March 24th

Chairman, Matt Ruddo (One Call Concepts)

Emily Meier stated that the GCDPTC will be held during October 27-30, 2015 at the Clarion Resort in Ocean City, MD.  The 2014 conference survey reported that 98% of the attendees would return for the 2015 conference, this is up from 91% in 2013. Save the date postcards would be available shortly providing for a random (1) free 2 night GCDPTC registration when the user registered to receive conference updates.  Last year’s winner was from Gaines and Company. The committee is working on 2015 sponsorship packages to include exhibitors.  The exhibitor hall sold out in 2014.  Those who attended the conference in 2014 would receive an email promoting the 2015 conference with special pre-conference pricing during April 15th to May 15th.

Next committee meeting is scheduled for March 24th.

For conference information visit; www.missutilityconference.com

Chris McMurry, cmcmurry@mghus.com

Dora Parks reported on the following education and awareness initiatives;

April is National Safe Digging Month; a proclamation is being secured from the Governor’s office. During April, Miss Utility damage prevention radio ads will start in addition to the Frederick Keys sponsorship, Keys for Reading.  Miss Utility will attend games nights and man the educational booth on April 10, 11, 12, 24, 25 and 26.

May 30th, Touch-A-Trunk Day at Bowie Baysox stadium from 4:30 to 6:30pm, followed by a baseball game and fireworks.  Miss Utility will have a promotional booth on the concourse during the game. A flyer was provided to meeting attendees.

May 30th, DDOT’s 2nd Annual Community Day in Washington DC. Additional information is forth coming.

August 22nd, a Miss Utility sponsored soccer game at RFK stadium with  DC United at 7pm.  Additional information is forth coming.


Report provided by Emily Meier;

Completed Shows

  • Landscape Contractors on 2/12 in Rockville, MD

Upcoming Shows for February and March

  • Maryland Home & Garden Spring Show in Timonium, MD – anticipated attendance, 60,000 Dates, Feb 28-Mar 1 and Mar 6-8
  • Division of Labor & Industry Employment Rights on 3/17 in Towson, MD
  • Maryland Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Trade Show on 3/19 in Baltimore, MD – anticipated attendance, 300-500
  • Allegany County All Things Home Expo during Mar 20-22 in Cumberland, MD – anticipated attendance, 700
  • Home Builders Association of Washington County during Mar 21-22 in Hagerstown, MD-anticipated attendance, 900

If you are interested in volunteering for any Trade Shows or would like to receive the updated Trade Show emails, please email Emily Meier at emeir@mghus.com


The Damage Prevention Training Committee provided feedback and updates on the below training events;
Completed Training Events

    Montgomery Co School Maintenance Dept.
    Clarksburg Depot
    Clarksburg, MD 20871
    January 29th, 7am

    MD Environmental Service
    MES Annex
    Millersville, MD 21108
    February 6th, 8am

    Edward E. Watkins Public Safety Complex
    Cambridge, MD 21613 2nd floor
    February 11th, 12:30pm

    LGIT Office
    Hanover, MD 21076
    February 13th, 12:30pm

    Miss Utility Call Center
    Hanover, MD 21076
    Conference/Training Room
    February 20th, 7:30am 

Future Training Events for February and March

    Jimmy Richards & SONS
    Waldorf, MD 20602
    February 26th, 2pm

    Gray and Son
    Timonium, MD
    March 3rd, 2pm

    Gray and Son
    Timonium, MD
    March 5th, 2pm

    Calvert County Career and Technical Academy
    Prince Frederick, MD
    March 27th,  2 class sessions

To schedule a FREE Damage Prevention & Safety Training, please contact Dora Parks, Manager of Client Relations at 410-782-2026 or dora@missutility.net.

 There being no further business brought before the committee, the meeting adjourned at 11:10am

Next MD/DC Damage Prevention Committee Meeting; March 24, 2015 starting at 9:30am    

Monthly meeting minutes and the attendee contact list is available at,

Meeting Attendees:

List Sorted By

Absolute Underground Billl Neal (443) 336-7749 billn@absoluteunderground.com
Allied Contractors Tim Wiley (410) 539-6727 twiley@alliedcontractor.com
Allstate Utility Ken Payne (240) 691-6657 kp.allstar@verizon.net
Anchor Construction Jim Bieber (202) 269-6694 jbieber@anchorconst.com
B. Frank Joy Joe Shelton (240) 417-0200 jshelton@bfjoy.com
BGE Charles McCadden (443) 463-1200 charles.mccadden@bge.com
Bowen & Kron Jeff Ramsburg (410) 925-0538 jeff@bowen-kron.com
Comcast Tim Kempa (410) 933-1137 Tim_kempa@cable.comcast.com
Comer Construction Dorothy Miller (410) 879-6094 dorothy@comerconstruction.com
Comer Construction Steve Lasek (443) 807-2391 digdeep4u@gmail.com
Comer Construction Tim Kaptein (443) 807-2391 tim@comerconstruction.com
Decisive Will Gooch (240) 586-1605 drops@decisiveinc.net
Gray & Son Lenny Corbin (410) 365-4156 lcorbin@graynson.com
Howard County Cal Brooks (410) 313-4952 cbrooks@howardcountymd.gov
Howard County Wendell Webb (443) 289-7005 wwebb@howardcountymd.gov
MD PSC John Clementson (410) 767-8111 jclementson@psc.state.md.us
MDUFDPA Jim Barron (410) 365-5182 jim.barron@mddpa.org
MES Mark Lennon (410) 729-8300 mlenn@menv.com
MGH Emily Meier   emeier@mghus.com
NPL James Randy Carey (571) 921-0201 jcarey@gonpl.com


Jamila Odom (301) 322-4210 jodom@gonpl.com


Luis Torres (511) 583-8664 horres@gonpl.com
OCC Locating Service Tom Hastings (410) 712-0202 thastings@occls.com
One Call Concepts/Miss Utility Dora Parks
Committee Secretary
(410) 712-2026 dparks@missutility.net
PEPCO Mitzi Ambush (202) 308-2269 ambushm@pepco.com
Pro Comm E.L.S Charlie Russell (443) 535-3588 charlie@procommels.com
Riggs Distler Matt Miller (410) 508-0408 mmiller@riggsdistler.com
SHA (State Highway) Dee Gregory (410) 535-9403 dgregory@sha.state.md.us
SMECO Lisa Hurley (410) 535-9403 lisa.hurley@smeco.coop
SMECO Pam March (301) 997-1072 pamela.march@smeco.coop
USIC Jordan Partlow (717) 514-6101 jordanpartlow@usicllc.com
Utiliquest Erik Phillips (443) 324-7835 Erik.phillips@utiliquest.com
Utiliquest Juan Vogel (703) 929-9710 juan.vogel@utiliquest.com
Utiliquest Mike Burns (443) 786-7994 mike.burns@utiliquest.com
Verizon Chuck Baker (301) 502-9340 charles.b.baker.jr@verizon.com
Verizon Mark Hamrick
Committee V. Chairman
(410) 610-1371 Mark.a.hamrick@verizon.com
Washington Gas Don Jones (703) 750-5510 djones@washgas.com


Kevin Woolbright
Committee Chairman
(240) 205-3684 kwoolbr@wsscwater.com
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