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Maryland and DC Damage Prevention Meeting
Kevin Woolbright, Chairman, Mark Hamrick, Vice Chairman & Dora Parks, Secretary
7223 Parkway Drive, Suite 100
Hanover, MD 21076


Minutes of the meeting held on September 23, 2014
Prepared by Mark Hamrick

Welcome and Introduction of Attendees:
Kevin Woolbright (Chairman) called the regular monthly meeting to order at 9:30 a.m., followed by acknowledgement of new attendees, and general introductions by the group attending.

The August 26, 2014 meeting minutes were approved as written.

Chair/Vice Chair Comments:
Kevin Woolbright thanked all for attending and encouraged everyone to continue their support at the Damage Prevention meetings.

Old Business:
Members provided updates on issues and concerns that were raised at previous committee meeting.  Kevin asked the attendees to provide any feedback concerning the issues voiced at the August meeting.

Cal Brooks (Howard County) stated his supervisors were now tracking emergency tickets and gathering information on late locate responses and will provide this information to those affected organizations based on continued trends. He also stated it appeared the major of late response was BGE; Jeff Buck (USIC) told Cal he would work with Howard County towards resolving the issue.

Kevin discussed future training suggestions and asked if there was any feedback from the group; receiving no feedback Kevin inquired about the previous suggestion of a committee suggestion box. Mark Hamrick stated the suggestion box would be in place by the next committee meeting. Matt Ruddo (Miss Utility Call Center) offered to also have an electronic version on the Miss Utility website. There was a brief discussion of how to make the posting anonymous and Matt had stated that could be done with no problem. Matt said he would look into making this happen, and in the interim, a physical suggestion box would be available during committee meetings at the Call Center. Kevin clarified that the suggestion box is to be used for future training and/or education that people would like to see brought to the Damage Prevention Committee meetings.

Open Discussion – Damage Prevention -  Coordination and Cooperation:
Jeff Buck (USIC) stated he could not stay for the entire meeting due a matter he had to attend to, and asked that any issues he needed to address be brought to the group first.

Jerry Nicholson (Ferguson Trenching) stated they were experiencing a great number of delayed tickets that negatively affected their ability to do their work on time. He said these were frequently from Verizon and USIC and some were SMECO locates. Jim Barron (MD Authority) asked if these were normal tickets or updated tickets and Jerry stated both, both mostly updates. Mike Burns (Utiliquest) and Jeff Buck (USIC) both stated they would meet with Jerry to receive details and to address the issue.

Lenny Corbin (Gray & Son) asked the group if they had encountered any issues regarding State security access and onsite security monitoring of work and if the locate companies experienced any access issues for State jobs and is there was a way to better expedite those types of requests. Jeff (USIC) stated a number of contractors would contact them directly and provide a “heads up” about these types of requests. It was also mentioned that a lot of times the locate companies do not know until they report to the site, and the delay does negatively impact the locate companies’ ability to perform their work. Tom Hastings (One Call Concepts Locating) stated it would be nice is Miss Utility had a meeting header that would provide the ability for a company to request an onsite meeting for such requests. A discussion was made concerning meeting request, and the logistical problem of having a contractor on a secured site long enough to meet with everyone concerned and also, the ability of a locator to mark the ticket once the meeting was done.

Lisa Hurley (SMECO) requested that USIC utilize the Ticket Check “code 10” when they encountered a ticket that was miss-mapped for member notification.  She stated they had a “near miss” on a main transmission line due to this issue. Jeff Buck (USIC) said he would look into the situation and would definitely instruct his field personnel to code 10 a request when the mapping area was incorrect. Mark Hamrick (Vice Chair) explained the “new” parameters of the Ticket Check code 10, explaining that with the new digital mapping process it had been necessary to amend the code.

Kevin asked if there was any other new business to be brought before the committee; receiving none he moved to the next agenda item.

Maryland Underground Facilities Damage Prevention Authority:
Kevin Woolbright, Chairman,  Jim Barron, Executive Director
Update and status of meeting held on September 3rd
Next meeting- October 8th, 9:00am at Miss Utility
Kevin introduced Jim Barron as the Executive Director of the MD Authority and asked that he provide Authority updates. Jim gave a brief overview of the Authority, it’s creation under Title 12 law and it’s function. He stated since 2011 the Authority had received 83 notices of probable violations (NPV’s) and they were still very busy with receiving and processing new NPV’s. The Authority has established a $250.00 filing fee and were still receiving NPV’s after establishing the fee.

Currently they have assessed approximately $66,000.00 in violation fines. Seven violations have been challenged in Circuit court, with one moving to the Court of Special Appeals after a having a favorable verdict on the Circuit level. They are currently working on getting all utility owners to become members, with a few resisting the Authority’s instructions. As a result of Authority violation findings, a majority of contractors have received damage prevention training with one contractor requesting training for his company and two fellow contractors before the scheduled Authority hearing. Jim also stated they had received notice of the award of a 2014 grant from PHMSA in the amount of $100,000.00. Tom Hastings (One Call Concepts Locating Services) and Kevin Woolbright both thanked Jim for all his hard work in procuring the grant.

Dennis Lescalleet (Pleasants Construction) asked where the fine money goes once it was collected; Jim responded that by law the fine amount is used for damage education and could not be used to fund the Authority. He stated to date the Authority had utilized funds to create a Spanish version of the Damage Prevention training video and that they were looking at other ways to best spend the money that was in the account. Dennis then asked if there were any “repeat offenders” and Jim relied that there was one, both violations were for not calling Miss Utility in advance of excavation. He stated further the Authority was lenient the first time, but not the second. He stated the other problem with this particular company is they needed an interpreter since they did not speak English. Tom Hastings stated that (2) Spanish organizations in violation of MD State Law had been provided a Spanish interpreter and that this problem would need to be addressed in the future.

Jim stated that another point of concern was the pressure smaller operators were under by general contractors and home builders to violate the law or face dismissal in the interest of getting a job done quickly. He also stated the language barrier was an issue and the Authority was looking into procuring an interpreter. Scott Brown asked if there was any way the Authority could possibly hire a bilingual person to perform double duty.  Jim stated that could certainly be a consideration when they hire assistants for the Authority. Frank (Badger Daylighting) asked if there was any type of safe dig training that was a requirement in Maryland, and Jim responded “no”. Jim did state the companies were required to register with Maryland, but receive no license. State Highway does require their contractors to call Miss Utility.  Mitzi (Pepco) stated they are having a situation whereby paving contractors are not calling Miss Utility and the general contractors were aware. She asked if this was an offence and if they should file an Authority complaint and is this topic was covered in the Miss Utility safety training.  Kevin replied it is covered in the training, both verbally and with photos.  He further stated that everyone has the opportunity to be a safety advocate while in the field. If they see someone performing an unsafe act they should tell them so.

2014 Dig Smart/Locator Achievement Awards Committee:
Mark Hamrick, Chair, Dora Parks, Vice Chair
Dig Smart Awards recognition will be in Ocean City, MD
Mark Hamrick stated 17 companies provided entries for the Dig Smart Award and it was a difficult decision to choose the 2013-2014 winners.

The companies that received the awards are;

    • Gray and Sons – Maryland
    • Traylor-Skanska-JayDee Joint Venture – Washington D.C.
    • Child’s Landscape Contractors received the Honorable Mention award.

Mark stated the companies would be recognized at the GCDPTC in October in Ocean City.

MD/DC Subscribers Committee Meeting:
Scott Brown, Chairman, Vince Healy, Vice Chairman, Dora Parks, Secretary

Next meeting-October 9th, 10:30am in Cumberland, MD - Columbia Gas hosting.

Scott Brown (Chairman) starting with a safety message regarding a friend of his family that went missing about one month ago after leaving an event alone. He stated that no one, especially our children should be out alone. He encouraged everyone to use the “wing man” philosophy and have someone with you when going out.  

Scott continued by providing a brief explanation of the Subscribers Committee, their function in damage prevention and what the utility collected monetary funds were dedicated to. He stated our advertising agent, MGH had been a wonderful resource in providing a budget and creative ideas for public outreach regarding call before you dig.

Scott explained that the Subscriber’s committee held one of the quarterly meetings in Western Maryland to involve those members who could not travel to the other quarterly committee meetings held in Hanover, MD. The next meeting will be held in Cumberland, hosted by Columbia Gas. He stated this meeting would be concentrating on directing the member’s yearly budget for 2015.

DC Law Steering Committee Meeting:
Scott Brown, Chairman, Meena Gowda, Vice Chair, Dora Parks, Secretary.
Update of meetings held on September 16th at Miss Utility.
Next meeting- September 24th, 8:30am at Miss Utility:

Scot Brown (Chairman) provided a brief overview of the law change committee’s purpose. The group is working through the current one call law to bring it into compliance with PHMSA’s “9 Key Damage Prevention Elements”. Scott stated that all law revisions were accomplished by utilizing majority rule by consensus. He stated they had their 25th meeting and their next meeting would be at the Call Center on October 24th. He mentioned they have tackled important issues to include; Cross Boring, RFID identification of pipes, removed all exemptions from the law, new utility installations would have to be locatable,  installed a designer portion within the law, reduced the size of the ticket request from 1320 ft. to 660 feet (the average size of a city block with two intersections), instituted a positive response using DC Ticket Check and created an emergency response section.

PHMSA has stated they had no desire to take authority away from any state (or the District), but if a State did not comply PHMSA would be forced to take action regarding law violations and disputes. In addition to the above mentioned changes he added that paving companies used to be exempt, but since there could be no exemptions according to the guidelines they would not be under the new law. He also added that there were a number of paving companies that attended the meeting asking for the exemption to stand, but once the explanations were given they were in agreement that the exemption had to be removed. Kevin Woolbright encouraged everyone to attend one of the meetings to at least see how the process was being handled.

FTTP Projections – Mark Hamrick-Verizon:


Sept 2014

A.A County


Baltimore Co.


Calvert Co


Charles Co.


Frederick Co.


Garrett Co.


Harford Co.


Howard County


Montgomery County


Prince Georges Co


St Mary’s Co


District of Columbia




Lisa Hurley asked if Verizon could provide the general areas in Charles and Prince Georges counties where the FTTP activity would be. Mark Hamrick stated he would provide that information once confirmed by his company.

2014 Greater Chesapeake Damage Prevention Training Conference:
Matt Ruddo, Chairman
Conference dates, October 28-31

Matt Ruddo (Chairman) provided an update for the conference. Matt stated the conference was in its 6th year and still remained very successful. He thanked all those in the group that have and are attending and stated this level of support was needed for the continued success of the GCDPTC.  He continued by listing all those who are sponsoring this year’s event.

Title Sponsors: Miss Utility of MD/DC and Miss Utility of Delmarva
Platinum Sponsors: BGE, Delmarva Power, One Call Concepts, PEPCO, USIC, Verizon, WGL and WSSC
Gold Sponsors: Anchor Construction and the MD Authority
Silver Sponsors: ABC (Baltimore Metro Chapter), One Call Concepts Locating Services, Inc., and United Rentals
Bronze and Session Sponsors: Cherry Hill Construction, Chesapeake Employers Insurance, Comer Construction, DCI Utility Locate Services, Dominion Transmission, Columbia Pipeline Group and Gray & Son
Meal Sponsors: Premier, UtiliQuest and Lamberts
Friday Events Sponsor: Delaware Electric Coop
Network Events Sponsor: B.F. Joy

Matt stated he attends a great number of conferences across the country and this one continues to be the best event and value he attends each year and that these feelings are shared by a number of other national conference attendees. He encouraged anyone who has not signed up to go on-line to the Miss Utility website for more information and to register. Lastly he thanked MGH for all their continued hard work in making this event the success it continues to be.

MGH Various discussion topics  

Chris McMurry – Emily Meier
Emily (MGH) provided dates for the upcoming shows through October and stated these shows would be the last of this season.  Emily thanked everyone for their continued support and stated if anyone was interested in helping with any shows to contact her.

Chesapeake Region Safety Council Conference & Expo
Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory
Laurel, MD
Oct. 1, 2014
Approximate number of attendees: 300

Level Volunteer Fire Company Fire & Injury Prevention Open House
Level Volunteer Fire Company
Havre de Grace, MD
Oct. 5, 2014
Approximate number of attendees: 150

Alban Cat-A-Thon Equipment Expo
CCE Showroom
Baltimore, MD
Oct. 14, 2014

Maryland Home and Garden Show (Fall)
Maryland State Fairgrounds
Timonium, MD
Oct. 17 – 19, 2014
Approximate number of attendees: 20,000

Trade Show contact: Emily Meier of MGH
            Public Relations Account Coordinator
            100 Painters Mill Road Suite 600 in Owings Mills, Maryland 21117
            Office Phone 410 902 5054
            Cell Phone 410 746 5288
            Email Emily Meier <emeier@mghus.com>

Damage Prevention/Safety Presentations


Dynamic Concepts, Inc.
3458 Bladensburg Rd. in Brentwood, MD
August 28th, 20 attendees – set up 6:30am
John Pendleton-Verizon, Sloane Weiner-DC Water, Richard Crooks-WGL & Dora Parks-Miss Utility

USPCD Training
Hampton Inn
Salisbury, MD
September 4th, 80 attendees – set up 6:30am
Dora Parks – Miss Utility, Jim Barron – MD Authority

Cossentino Contracting
8505 Contractors Rd. in Baltimore, MD
September 16th, 35 attendees – set up 1:30pm
Kevin Woolbright-WSSC, Tom Thorsen-MOSH &
Dora Parks-Miss Utility
Kevin Woolbright stated this was the 2nd training provided for Cossentino and that it was well attended with a valuable Q&A.


Miss Utility Call Center
7223 Parkway Dr.
Hanover, MD 21076
Conference/Training Room
September 25th and November 13th :

Kevin Woolbright explained the quarterly training at the Call Center were a great way for a small companies or a company with new employees to receive the safety training. Jim Barron (Authority, Executive Director) mentioned that the training time had been adjusted to 7:30 to better serve the contracting community. Kevin stated that the September 25th training was full, but the next training (November 13th)  still had openings and encouraged anyone interested to contact Dora Parks for scheduling.

Paradigm Training
Cumberland Ramada
100 S. George St
Cumberland, MD 21502
September 30th, set up 5:00pm
Tad Miller – Columbia Gas

Paradigm Training
Holiday Inn – Frederick
5400 Holiday Dr.
Frederick, MD 21703
October 1st, set up 5:00pm
Mark Hamrick –Verizon
Randy Green – Washington Gas
Ted Schrimsher- Washington Gas

Paradigm Training
Holiday Inn-Columbia
7900 Washington Blvd.
Columbia, MD 20794
October 2nd, set up 5:00pm
Tim Rich – Williams Gas

Paradigm Training
Middleton Hall
4045 Renner Rd.
Waldorf, MD 20602
October 7th, set up 5:00pm
Dora Parks – Miss Utility

Paradigm Training
Camelot by Martin’
13905 Central Ave.
Upper Marlboro, MD 20774
October 8th, set up 5:00pm
Dora Parks – Miss Utility

Paradigm Training
Location - TBD
Aberdeen, MD
October 9th, set up 5:00pm
Lenny Corbin – Gray & Son

Damage Prevention and Safety Training contact;
Dora Parks, Manager, Client Relations
One Call Concepts, Inc.
Miss Utility Notification Center
Direct: 410-782-2026
Fax: 410-712-0062

There being no further business brought before the committee, the meeting was adjourned at 11:00 a.m. by Kevin Woolbright.


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Meeting Attendees:

*Sorted By First Name*

Cal Brooks Howard County (410) 313-4952 cbrooks@howardcountymd.gov
Daniel Pena NPL (410) 218-3670 dpena@gonpl.com
Dennis Lescalleet Pleasants Construction (301) 428-0800 dlescalleet@pleasants.org
Don Jones Washington Gas (703) 750-5510 djones@washgas.com
Emily Meier MGH   emeier@mghus.com
Frank Bull Bowen & Kron (443) 829-6911 frank@bowen-kron.com
Frank Hammond Badger Daylighting (443) 750-1611 fhammond@badger-corp.com
Jeff Buck USIC (904) 806-3796 jeffbuck@usicinc.com
Jeff Jones Lambert Cable Splicing ((301) 725-8054 jjeff.jones@lambertcable.com
Jerry Nicolson Ferguson Trenching (410) 507-5331
Jim Barron MDUFDPA (410) 365-5182 jim.barron@mddpa.org
Joe Feronti USIC (443) 239-4402 josephferonti@usicllc.com
John Nesbitt SHA (State Highway) (443) 572-5265 JNesbitt@sha.state.md.us
Justin Lilly Insight (571) 422-0047 jlilly@planwithinsight.com
JW Hall B. Frank Joy (240) 417-0184 halljw@bfjoy.com

Kevin Woolbright
Committee Chairman

WSSC (240) 205-3684 kwoolbr@wsscwater.com
Lenny Corbin Gray & Son (410) 365-4156 lcorbin@graynson.com
Lisa Hurley SMECO (410) 535-9403 lisa.hurley@smeco.coop
Mark Hamrick
Committee V. Chairman
Verizon (410) 610-1371 Mark.a.hamrick@verizon.com
Matt Ruddo One Call Concepts/Miss Utility (410) 782-2025 matt@missutility.net
Mike Burns Utiliquest (443) 786-7994 mike.burns@utiliquest.com
Scott Brown Washington Gas (703) 440-2459 ssbrown@washgas.com
Tad Miller Columbia Gas tmiller@nisource.com
Tim Kaptein Comer Construction (443) 807-2391 tim@comerconstruction.com
Tim Kempa Comcast (410) 933-1137 Tim_kempa@cable.comcast.com
Tim Stathiewiez NPL (419) 788-0177  
Tim Willey Allied Contractors (410) 539-6727 twiley@alliedcontractor.com
Tom Hastings OCC Locating Service (410) 712-0202 thastings@occls.com
Vincent Healy Verizon (301) 791-5690 vincent.c.healy@verizon.com
Leslie Fann VA811 lfannon@va811.com
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