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Damage Prevention Committee

Minutes of the Maryland and DC Damage Prevention Meeting
Chairman, Kevin Woolbright (WSSC) and Vice Chairman, Mark Hamrick (Verizon)
Miss Utility Call Center, Hanover, MD 21076
November 27, 2012
Prepared by Dora Parks


Kevin Woolbright called the regular monthly meeting to order at, 9:25 am.

Customary introductions were made.

Kevin asked for a moment of silence for Vince Healy’s son, Vincent Healy, Jr.

The Minutes of October 23, 2012 were reviewed and approved as written.

Presented by Chrissie Bortner, MGH

2012 Trade Shows - contact, Chrissie Bortner (410-902-5054 or cbortner@mghus.com)

Chrissie thanked everyone for their participation and support of the 2012 Trade Shows.  The shows were staffed by utility owner-members, Miss Utility call center staff, contract locating companies and contractors.

    Upcoming Trade Shows – 2013

      Build, remodel and Landscape Expo
      Baltimore Convention Center
      January 18-20

Awareness Survey – MGH conducted an online survey to measure the effectiveness of current Miss Utility damage prevention initiatives and call center services. The survey was emailed on October 18, 2012 and within one week there were 600 responders.  Results will be discussed at the December Subscriber’s meeting.

Vocational School Outreach – MGH will mail a notice to the area vocational schools to promote damage prevention and safe digging training. There was a very successful training conducted at the Center for Career & Technical Education in Allegany County last May.

Chairman, Mark Hamrick (Verizon), Vice Chairman, Dora Parks (Miss Utility)

The Dig Smart recipients were recognized and awarded at the Greater Chesapeake Damage Prevention Training Conference held in early November. The Maryland and DC winners received a beautiful acrylic plaque in addition to (2) free conference registrations. The winners are;

    Maryland Contractor, Gray & Son and DC Contractor, Anchor Construction Corporation.

The following contractors were awarded as follows;

    Excellence Award         NPL
    Honorable Mention        Pleasants Construction

Contact, Dora Parks (410-782-2026 or dora@missutility.net)

    Past Training

      City Light and Power
      Aberdeen Proving Grounds, MD

    Future Scheduled Training

      Shirley Contracting
      Beltsville, MD

      Lighting Maintenance
      Linthicum, MD

Chairman, Matt Ruddo (One Call Concepts)  Presented by Dora Parks,

  • Fourth Annual Conference, focusing on underground utility damage prevention
  • Hosted at the Clarion Resort in Ocean City, MD
  • 338 Registrants (largest conference to date)
  • 12 sessions with new and updated content
  • U.S. Olympian, Cliff Meidl delivered the keynote speech
  • Welcome reception
  • 811 Bike in exhibit hall
  • 35 exhibiting vendors (we sold out of space)

General comments regarding the keynote speaker; some thought he should have talked more about why the damage occurred while others stated his talk exceeded expectations. Folks also appreciated the exhibit hall, diverse vendors, excellent networking, friendly atmosphere and having the 811 bike featured in the hall was a plus. Everyone agreed that the conference was excellent, many positive remarks were shared and the committee was acknowledged for their work in this successful conference. Next year’s conference will be held on October 23 – 25, 2013.

Presented by Kevin Woolbright, Authority Vice Chairman

Kevin reiterated the purpose of the Authority under Title 12, stating that no one to date has filed a complaint. There was much discussion regarding filing a claim that included;

  • The $250.00 filing claim is not an issue,
  • Could the claim fee be given to the claimant if the defendant was found to be in violation,
  • Fear of repercussions from stakeholders,
  • Education and promotion of Authority and their purpose,
  • How can claims fix a contract locating problem,

Kevin also stated the Authority received 50% of the approved grant money and would seek to hire an Executive Director and assistant.

Chairman, Scott Brown (WGL), Vice Chairman, Vince Healy (Verizon)

Scott Brown provided an overview of the two day One Call Concepts, Technology and User Group conference held October 24th and 25th in St. Charles, MO.

  • Advertising on a Budget
  • The 811 Bike-how to get the most out of the 811 Bike’s exhibit /display
  • OCC Initiatives
    • The Change Continues
    • The Mentor Program
    • The Creative Team
  • ITIC 2.0
  • IMAP Upgrade

Scott shared some statistics regarding the CGA August 2012 survey of 2,000 homeowners across the county regarding their awareness of call before you dig, 811 awareness and prior use of services and intent to use 811 in 2012 and the future.

  • 68% aware of call before you dig, services
  • 10% aware of 811 without survey aid
  • 57% extremely likely to call in the future
  • 25% somewhat likely

CGA reported that in 2007, the leading cause of damages were due to no call at 35% and 2011 was 26%. When the call is made, the risk of damage is less than 1%.

Overall, the awareness was higher in 2012 compared to 2008 and 2009, but the work of promoting the importance of call before your dig remains a challenge.

The next Subscribers Committee meeting will be on December 12, with a holiday luncheon hosted by One Call Concepts to follow the meeting.

Contact, Aaron Bouch, Project Manager  (410-590-2068 or abouch@skylinenet.net)

Aaron provided the website for the OMBN fiber project, doit.gov and stated the website is updated weekly by 3pm each Friday. Aaron provided a quick overview of the fiber project; there were no questions from the membership.

County projections are as follows;

  November 2012 Monthly Projections December 2012 Monthly Projections
Allegany 0 7232
Anne Arundel    
Baltimore City    
Baltimore County    
Calvert 0 100
Caroline 0 0
Cecil 0 38000
Charles   0
Dorchester 0 0
Garrett 0 2300
Kent 0 0
Prince George's    
Queen Anne's 0 0
Saint Mary's 14000 12000
Somerset 0 900
Talbot   0
Washington 0 1000
Wicomico   2500
Worcester 0 0

Mark Hamrick, Verizon

  December 2012 TF Projection January 2013 TF Projection
Anne Arundel 5,000 3,600
Baltimore 5,000 0
Calvert 2,000 0
Charles 500 0
Frederick 150 0
Garrett 1,500 0
Harford 3,000 0
Howard 38,000 5,600
Montgomery 26,000 0
Prince Georges 11,500 0
St. Mary's 150 0
District of Columbia 200 0
Total 93,000 9,200


Kevin Woolbright stated that during the October 19th Subscribers Committee meeting there was a motion to change the current by-laws regarding chair and vice chair position terms for the MD/DC Damage Prevention. As a result of that approval, the current Subscribers chair and vice chair will extend their current term to 2014 then continuing with the two year term. The DP Committee chair and vice chair will now serve a two year term starting with the voted positions effective 2013. This will allow for staggered committee positions, benefitting the committees as a whole. The DP committee positions will be voted on at the Subscribers December 2012 meeting.

There being no further business brought before the committee, the meeting was adjourned at 11:05am.


MD & DC Damage Prevention Meeting Date: Tuesday, January 22, 2013 @ Miss Utility
MD & DC Subscribers Committee Meeting Date: Tuesday, December 12, 2012 @ Miss Utility

Please visit www.missutility.net/damageprevention/ for the monthly MD & DC Damage Prevention meeting dates which are held the 4th Tuesday of every month excluding December. Coffee and donuts will be served at 9:00 am and the meetings begin at 9:30 am unless otherwise noted.

ITIC % Report for Maryland (Western Shore) and Washington, D.C.

Month   Call Center Tickets   ITIC Tickets   Percentage
Oct-11   55,827   40,895   73%
Nov-11   50,981   38,030   75%
Dec-11   46,317   34,952   75%
Jan-12   47,584   35,465   75%
Feb-12   47,084   35,531   75%
Mar-12   58,613   42,643   73%
Apr-12   59,588   43,310   73%
May-12   62,057   45,820   74%
Jun-12   61,779   45,506   75%
Jul-12   61,779   46,506   75%
Aug-12   64,860   48,637   75%
Sep-12   56,373   41,967   74%
Oct-12   63,863   48,609   76%
Meeting Attendees
Aaron Bouch   Skyline   (410) 590-2068   abouch@skylinenet.net
Cal Brooks   Howard County   (410) 313-4952   cbrooks@howardcountymd.gov
Christina Bortner   MGH   (410) 746-5288   cbortner@mghus.com
Dave Eader   Riggs Distler   (443) 506-4156   deader@riggsdistler.com
David Miller   BGE   (443) 790-3093   david.miller@constallation.com
Deena Joyce   WSSC   (301) 206-8259   djoyce@wsscwater.com
Dorothy Miller   Comer Construction   (410) 879-6094   dorothy@comerconstruction.com
Dora Parks (Committee Secretary)   One Call Concepts/Miss Utility   (410) 782-2026   doraparks@missutility.net
Iris Curtis   SMECO   (301) 705-8689   Iris.curtis@smeco.coop
John Berrettini   A/I/Data   (410) 686-5091   jberrettini@aidatainc.com
John Winters   Colonial Pipeline Co   (410) 970-2140   jwinters@colpipe.com
JW Hall   B. Frank Joy   (240) 417-0184   halljw@bfjoy.com
Kathy Riley   Absolute Underground   (410) 768-2607   Kathyr@absoluteunderground.com
Kathy Yadvish   DCI   (202) 494-2130   kyadvish@dcihq.com
Ken Payne   PEPCO   (202) 388-2137   khpayne@pepco.com
Kevin Woolbright (Committee Chairman)   WSSC   (240) 205-3684   kwoolbr@wsscwater.com
Laurie Hewitt   Ross Contracting   (301) 831-5500   laurieh@rosscontracting.com
Mark Hamrick (Committee V. Chairman)   Verizon   (410) 610-1371   Mark.a.hamrick@verizon.com
Martin Wetzler   B. Frank Joy   (240) 417-0110   mwetzler@bfjoy.com
Matt Miller   Riggs Distler   (410 508-0408   mmiller@riggsdistler.com
Patrick Marsilio   DAVIS Construction   (301) 674-5188   pmarsilio@davisconstruction.com
Rudy McCumber   Rommel Engineering   (301) 912-5740   rmccumber@rommelusa.com
Scott Brown   Washington Gas   (703) 750-4388   ssbrown@washgas.com
Scott R. Moore   Colonial Pipeline Co.   (410) 970-2138   smoore@colpipe.com
Tim Butcher   Utiliquest   (443) 790-8189    
Tim Kaptein   Comer Construction   (443) 807-2391   tim@comerconstruction.com
Tom Hastings   OCC Locating Service   (410) 712-0202   thastings@occls.com
Tony Goodman   WGL   (703) 750-4708   agoodman@washgas.com
Wayne Gilmer   USIC   (410) 897-7696   waltergilmer@usicinc.com