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Damage Prevention Committee

Minutes of the Maryland and DC Damage Prevention Meeting
Chairman, Kevin Woolbright (WSSC) and Vice Chairman, Mark Hamrick (Verizon)
Miss Utility Call Center, Hanover, MD 21076
September 25, 2012
Prepared by Dora Parks


Kevin Woolbright called the regular monthly meeting to order at 9:31am.

Customary introductions were made.

An announcement was made regarding the luncheon cook-out provided by One Call Concepts directly following the meeting.  Everyone is invited to grilled hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken and all the trimmings.

Meeting minutes from August 28, 2012 were reviewed and approved as submitted.

Contact: Chrissie Bortner (office) 410-902-5054 cbortner@mghus.com


NIH Safety Day
Washington, DC
August 29, 2012



Howard County Tree Care Outreach (Presented by MOSH)
Hoard County Fairgrounds
October 10, 2012
Maryland State Park- Employee Field Day
Gunpowder Fallstate Park
October 17, 2012
Maryland Home & Garden Fall Show
Timonium Fairgrounds
October 19-21, 2012

Chairman, Mark Hamrick (Verizon), Vice Chairman, Dora Parks (Miss Utility)

Awards Committee received excavator entry forms and asked the utility owner-members to provide damage feedback, the committee will be meeting on September 25th to review the entries and to determine this year’s winners. Dig Smart winners will be invited to the 2012 Greater Damage Prevention Training Conference where they will be awarded and recognized by conference attendees.

Contact: Dora Parks (office) 410-782-2026 dora@missutility.net


USIC New Locator Training
Miss Utility, call center
September 6, 2012
WGL/WSSC Coordination Traning
Customer Care, West
Silver Spring, MD
September 12, 2013
Dixie Construction
Churchville, MD
September 14, 2012



DC Water and Sewer Authority
September 26, 2012
Washington, DC NW
September 26, 2012
Lineal Inducstries
White Marsh, MD
October 2, 2012
Hawkins Electric
Laurel, MD
October 4, 2012
Paradigm Pipeline Safety
Upper Marlboro, MD
October 10, 2012
City Light & Power
Aberdeen, MD
October 26, 2012
Shirley Contracting
Beltsville, MD
November 28, 2012

Chairman, Matt Ruddo (One Call Concepts)

Dora Parks reported the exhibitor floor plan is being finalized and introduce the (8) new exhibitors and (4) new sponsors for the 2012 conference.  Registration reminder notice will be sent in early October.  The committee has done a wonderful job managing their resources to keep the package prices in line with the 2011 conference, enabling everyone the opportunity to attend.  Conference packages include;

  • Day-Tripper (no overnight hotel accommodations
  • One night package
  • Two night package
  • Three night package
  • All inclusive package (includes golf outing

Next Committee meeting scheduled for September 25, 2012

Reported by Kevin Woolbright, Vice Chairman

The Authority met on September 5, 2012 and worked through a mock trial to evaluate processes and procedures.  The Grant money was approved; the Authority can collect funds in two installments of 50% each. The Authority will present at the 2012 Greater Chesapeake Damage Prevention Training Conference in November, 2012.

Next Authority meeting scheduled for October 3, 2012

Chairman, Scott Brown (WGL), Vice Chairman, Vince Healy (Verizon)

The next Subscribers meeting will be held October 19th in Garrett County at the Visitors Center in McHenry MD. All owner-members are invited to participate in the quarterly meetings. Members were encouraged to provide monthly damage data in order to better determine where educational funds are needed. Reporting is detailed by month and county, member names are not revealed. Damage data should be forwarded to Dora Parks, Miss Utility call center (dora@missutility.net) by the 15th of the month for the preceding month.


ICBN Project Manager, Joe Crossney OMBN Project Manager, Aaron Bouch

  • ICBN is a subset of the OMBN project
  • OMBN hand holes identified by ‘DOIT’ (excluding Charles County, no fiber markers)
  • ICBN hand holes identified as, ‘County Fiber’
  • Baltimore City using existing conduit for new fiber
  • Howard County will issue a RFP for fiber maintenance.
  • Installation of OMBN and ICBN should be completed by early 2013.

October Monthly Forecast; OMBN - shaded

Allegany 2,000
Annapolis 0
Anne Arundel 0
Baltimore City 3,000
Baltimore County 217,500
Calvert 100
Caroline 0
Carroll 30,000
Cecil 0
Charles 25
Dorchester 0
Frederick 0
Garrett 2,000
Harford 50
Howard 7,800
Kent 0
Montgomery 42,500
Prince George's 18,000
Queen Anne's 15,000
Saint Mary's 42,000
Somerset 00
Talbot 0
Washington 4,000
Wicomico 6,000
Worcester 0

Mark Hamrick, Verizon

FTTP Oct 2012 Nov 2012 Dec 2012
Anne Arundel 0 0 0
Baltimore County 6,600 0 0
Charles County 0 0 0
District of Columbia 0 450 0
Harford County 16,200 0 0
Howard County 0 0 0
Prince Georges County 2,200 0 0
Montgomery County 12,000 0 0
Total 40,000 450 0


Scott Brown reiterated the importance of contacting WGL whenever a plastic gas line has been damaged in anyway (cut, bent, punctured, etc.). Scott also introduced ‘Pipe town’ to the group. WGL created a small town using sheds to demonstrate gas hits and safety. Anyone interested in visiting or training at Pipe town should contact Don Jones of WGL (donjones@washgas.com).

Kevin Woolbright stated the next phase of the WGL/WSSC Coordination meetings will include a field trip to Pipe town so WSSC employees can better understand the relevance of buried gas facilities.

Cal Brooks (Howard County) shared that the ‘Miss Utility Man’ icon being used on the back of vehicles opened the door for conversation and education and suggested everyone (as able) place the stickers on their vehicles.

There was discussion regarding the impact and dangers of drilling under sewer laterals. Ron Diemer (NPL) explained some of the steps NPL takes to locate sewer mains and laterals before using any type of trenchless technology. Ron also stated that NPL officers have been in the forefront of research and awareness of this issue throughout the United States. NPL provided assistance in creating awareness DVD’s and would bring some to share at the Damage Prevention meetings. Ron also offered his services to provide awareness training to contractors who utilize directional drilling (rdiemet@gonpl.com).

Lenny Corbin (Gray & Son) asked about the new site/locate form being used by USIC for BGE locates. Marc Haines explained the forms are used for meeting tickets, project locating and if the scope of work is reduced from what is listed on the Miss Utility ticket. The form is carbon copy and the contractor should always receive a copy of the signed form.

The USIC supervisors attending the meeting offered their contact cards to anyone having questions regarding USIC and their locating services.

Dora Parks (Miss Utility) presented the new Miss Utility caps and visors that were recently ordered by the MD/DC Subscribers for promotion and distribution. The new design was well received by the group.

Vince Healy (Verizon) stated his concerns regarding the impact damages have on customer service in the Washington, DC area. Kevin Woolbright said all stakeholders have the same concerns and need to work together to get our damage prevention and safe excavation message out to all areas. The subscribers are now members of the NUCA, DC Chapter and will ensure this message is shared with this association in addition to all damage prevention training sessions scheduled in DC. Vince thanked everyone for their support in getting the safe dig message out in DC.

There being no further information brought before the committee, the meeting was adjourned at 10:55 a.m. All attendees were invited to stay for lunch, sponsored by One Call Concepts.

Ron Diemer brought DVDs about cross boars and trenchless technology. He offered to give training himself and stated that NPL has numerous presentations for safety.


    MD & DC Damage Prevention Meeting Date: Tuesday, October 23, 2012

    MD & DC Subscribers Committee Meeting Date: Friday, October 19, 2012

Please visit www.missutility.net/damageprevention/ for the monthly MD & DC Damage Prevention meeting dates which are held the 4th Tuesday of every month excluding December. Coffee and donuts will be served at 9:00 am and the meetings begin at 9:30 am unless otherwise noted.

Miss Utility - ITIC REPORT

Month   Call Center Tickets   ITIC Tickets   Percentage
Aug-11   60,073   44,272   74%
Sep-11   56,298   41,599   74%
Oct-11   55,827   40,895   73%
Nov-11   50,981   38,030   75%
Dec-11   46,317   34,952   75%
Jan-12   47,584   35,465   75%
Feb-12   47,084   35,531   75%
Mar-12   58,613   42,643   73%
Apr-12   59,588   43,310   73%
May-12   62,057   45,820   74%
Jun-12   61,779   45,506   75%
Jul-12   61,779   46,506   75%
Aug-12   64,860   48,637   75%
Meeting Attendees
Aaron Bouch   Skyline   (410) 590-2068   abouch@skylinenet.net
Brian Simmions   One Call Concepts/Miss Utility   (732) 796-3949   bsimmons@occinc.com
Cal Brooks   Howard County   (410) 313-4952   cbrooks@howardcountymd.gov
Christina Bortner   MGH   (410) 746-5288   cbortner@mghus.com
Chuck Baker   Verizon   (301) 502-9340   charles.b.baker@verizon.com
Dee Gregory   SHA (State Hightway)   (443) 572-5268   dgregory@sha.state.md.us
Donnie McCready   Calvert County Hwy   (410) 535-0905   mccraddh@co.cal.md.us
Dora Parks   One Call Concepts/Miss Utility   (410) 782-2026   doraparks@missutility.net
Dorothy Miller   Comer Construction   (410) 879-6094   dorothy@comerconstruction.com
Erik Phillips   Utiliquest   (443) 324-7835   Erik.phillips@utiliquest.com
Glenn Goins   A.A. County   (410) 222-7344   pwgoin01@aacounty.org
Jeff Jones   Lambert Cable Splicing   (301) 725-8054   jeff.jones@lambertcable.com
Jim Verga   Eastcom Associates   (908) 803-0195   jverga@eastcomassoc.com
Joe Crossney   ICBN- Howard County   (410) 313-0830   jcrossney@howardcountymd.gov
John Berrettini   A/I/Data   (410) 686-5091   jberrettini@aidatainc.com
JW Hall   B. Frank Joy   (240) 417-0184   halljw@bfjoy.com
Kathy Riley   Absolute Underground   (410) 768-2607   Kathyr@absoluteunderground.com
Kathy Yadvish   DCI   (202) 494-2130   kyadvish@dcihq.com
Kevin Woolbright   WSSC   (240) 205-3684   kwoolbr@wsscwater.com
Lenny Corbin   Gray & Son   (410) 365-4156   lcorbin@graynson.com
Lisa Hurley   SMECO   (410) 535-9403   lisa.hurley@smeco.coop
Marc Haines   BGE   (443) 324-0371   marc.haines@bge.com
Mark Hamrick   Verizon   (410) 610-1371   Mark.a.hamrick@verizon.com
Martin Wetzler   B. Frank Joy   (240) 417-0110   mwetzler@bfjoy.com
Matt Ruddo   One Call Concepts/Miss Utility   (410) 782-2025   matt@missutility.net
Mike Barton   ABC of Baltimore   (443) 600-0446   mbarton@abcbaltimore.org
Mike Burns   Utiliquest   (443) 786-7994   mike.burns@utiliquest.com
Nic Barone   Gray & Son   (410) 365-5635   nbarone@graynson.com
Nicolas Cote   Northern Pipeline   (410) 365-5288   ncote@gonpl.com
Roger Trotter   Riggs Distler   (443)829-6003   rtrotter@riggsdistler@com
Ron Diemer   NPL   (443) 829-9052   rdiemer@gonplc.com
Scott Brown   Washington Gas   (703) 750-4388   ssbrown@washgas.com
Tim Kaptein   Comer Construction   (443) 807-2391   tim@comerconstruction.com
Tom Hastings   OCC Locating Service   (410) 712-0202   thastings@occls.com
Vincent Healy   Verizon   (301) 791-5690   vincent.c.healy@verizon.com
Wayne Gilmer   USIC   (410)897-7696   waltergilmer@usicinc.com