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Damage Prevention Committee

Minutes of Maryland/DC Damage Prevention Meeting
July 26, 2011
Miss Utility Call Center
Hanover, MD  21076

I. Call To Order and Introduction

Wayne Gilmer (Utiliquest) called the regular monthly meeting to order at 9:35 am.

Introductions were made.

The Minutes of June 28, 2011 were approved as written.

II. Safety Item

Wayne Gilmer’s monthly safety topic covered snake awareness.

III. MGH Update

Nick Kelly (MGH) gave a brief update on the following:

  • Bowie Baysox Diamond Dig Event
    • August 14th at Prince Georges Stadium
    • DC101 will be promoting the event next week
    • One lucky winner will receive a free cruise
  • Miss Utility/SMECO 811 night with the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs at Regency Furniture Stadium in Waldorf, MD on August 11th
  • Matt Ruddo (Miss Utility) and Tony Gersitz (Miss Utility of Delmarva) are attending the MACO (Maryland Association of Counties) convention in Ocean City, MD
  • Production on the new Miss Utility video should be completed and will be shown at the next meeting
  • New Excavator Guides are available and make sure you discard the old yellow ones

IV. Dig Smart/Locator Achievement Awards (LAA) Committee

Kevin Woolbright (WSSC) & Dora Parks (Miss Utility) gave the following Dig Smart/LAA update:

  • Dig Smart Awards
    • Mailing went out to the top 100 MD excavators and the top 50 DC excavators
    • Entry forms are due by the end of the week
    • Winners will be announced in September
    • Winners will be recognized at the Greater Chesapeake Damage Prevention Training Conference
    • Winners will receive to free 2 night conference packages


  • Locator Achievement Awards
    • The event was covered in the latest installment of the CGA newsletter
    • The event will be covered in Damage Prevention Professional Magazine
    • MGH was thanked for submitting both articles
    • Please contact Nick Kelly of MGH if you wish to receive a high resolution photo from the event

V. Damage Prevention Presentations/Safety Event

Wayne Gilmer gave a brief update on the following presentations:

VII. Trade Shows:

Show name:   Maryland Association of Counties
Date:   August 17-20, 2011
City, State:   Ocean City, MD
Place:   Roland Powell Convention Center
Website:   http:/http://www.mdcounties.org//events/sum/sc_overview.cfm

VII. 2011 Greater Chesapeake Damage Prevention Training Conference

Nick Kelly provided updates: Matt Ruddo was in Ocean City at a Conference

  • Conference will be held November 2-4, 2011 at the Clarion Resort Fontainebleau Hotel in Ocean City, MD
  • Registration is open
  • Post cards were printed and ready to take with you
  • Exhibit hall change, vendors will handle door prized and each booth (those who want to participate)
  • 811 motorcycle being promoted, will be built by Paul Jr. Designs from the TV show American Chopper, unveiling will be at the conference
  • Promo will be held in July for the bike
  • Wednesday will be a Fun Night event
  • Underground Damage Prevention Authority will present on Friday in a town hall style event
  • Will be have a better registration process and updates, all attendees will show on the website
  • Website is update will all current information

VIII. Maryland Underground Damage Prevention Authority

Kevin Woolbright - Vice Chairman gave the following update:

  • Next meeting is scheduled for August 3rd in the Miss Utility Center conference room
  • Work on finalizing the various forms and documents for the Authority website
  • Website will be launched sometime after the August 3rd meeting
  • An official seal has been created
  • Members are working on a filing fee schedule for submitting complaints to the Authority
  • Damage Prevention training will be offered in lieu of a fine for a first time offense

Kevin Woolbright and Wayne Gilmer attended the 2011 Eastern Region NAPSR Meeting held at Rocky Gap Resort; they presented a PowerPoint presentation on the current status of the Authority.

IX.MD/DC Subscribers Committee Meeting

Scott Brown (Washington Gas & MD/DC Subscribers Chairman) stated that the next meeting will be held at the Garrett County Visitor’s Center in McHenry, MD on October 10, 2011. He said the Visitor Center is located right off Rt. 219 in the resort town of Deep Creek Lake and the meeting would begin at 10:00am.

X.One Maryland: Inter County Broadband Network (OMBN)

Andre Robinson (OMBN) gave the following update:

  • Contracts were awarded to the following contractors: S&N Communications, KCI, Southern Maryland Cable and Henkels & McCoy
  • Trench footage projections will increase dramatically in the near future
  • OMBN tickets will be processed in 500ft increments as to give locators ample time to locate

Marc Gilbert (OMBN) stated there would be a kickoff event for Prince Georges County at Samuel Massey Elementary School in Forestville, MD on August 1st from 9:00am to11:00am.

Dora Parks was thanked by all the OMBN representatives for assistance in attending their meetings and providing damage prevention support.

More information on the OMBN build could be found at www.onemaryland-icbn.org.


Mark Hamrick (Verizon) provided the following FTTP trench footage projections:

Anne AAnne Arundel 6,251
Baltimore County 17,729
Charles 23,760
Harford 80,131
Howard 7,013
Montgomery 266,901
Prince George’s 4,258
Washington DC 0

Mark said that Gaithersburg is the primary area where most of the work is being done in Montgomery County.

Open Discussion

Wayne opened the floor for discussion for any issues or concerns that needed our attention:

Casey Stonestreet (Morgan E Russell) stated that she has been having issues getting responses on their tickets during the past couple of weeks. Dave Roberts & Erik Phillips (Utiliquest) said that would speak with Casey after the meeting to get more details.

Casey Stonestreet also expressed concerns with abandon lines that have been uncovered and not knowing if they are live or not. She said it has resulted in downtime on some of their jobs. Mark Hamrick stated that she should contact Jim Quade if she runs into this issue with Verizon cables.

Ron Diemer (Northern Pipeline) stated that he would like a contact at Utiliquest to discuss issues they were having with gas markings on some of their jobs. Jeff Walters (Utiliquest) stated that he would speak with Ron after the meeting to get more details.

Nick Barone (Gray & Son) stated that he was told by someone that they didn’t need to call in tickets on “shave & pave” jobs and it resulted in a couple of gas valve damages. A few attendees stated that the Law is very clear that a ticket is required whenever an excavator is disturbing the earth. Lenny Corbin (Gray & Son) asked if it would be possible to get prints or map records for gas valve installations. Jack Sullivan (BGE) stated that locate marks would be a better guide then maps or prints.

Tom Hastings (OCCLS) stated that they are now seeing a new Remark ticket header and wanted to know if it was replacing the Correction ticket. Dora Parks said the Remark ticket will be used for any ticket that requires re-markings due to the weather or marks being destroyed from excavating activities. She also said that Correction tickets will be available for tickets that require the addition of non-essential information.

There was a brief discussion about the new OMBN ticket header.

Casey Stonestreet asked how long it would take to get a response from the locators on Correction tickets. Dora Parks stated that locators have up to two full business days to respond.

Upcoming Meetings

Please visit www.missutility.net/damageprevention for the monthly MD/DC Damage Prevention meeting dates which are held the 4th Tuesday of every month excluding December. Coffee and donuts will be served at 9:00 am; meetings begin at 9:30 am.

The next Maryland/DC Subscribers meeting will be October 11, 2011 at at the Garrett County Visitor's Center in McHenry at 10:00am. Coffee and donuts will be served at 9:30am.

There There being no further business brought before the committee, the meeting was adjourned at 11:05 am

ITIC % Report for Maryland and Washington D.C.
Month   Call Center Tickets   ITIC Tickets   Percentage
Jul-10   57,518   43,096   75%
Aug-10   60,658   45,725   75%
Sep-10   59,379   44,876   76%
Oct-10   57,137   41,489   73%
Nov-10   52,495   39,481   75%
Dec-10   59,900   46,530   78%
Jan-11   48,309   38,657   80%
Feb-11   47,424   37,759   80%
Mar-11   63,746   48,898   77%
Apr-11   58,723   43,448   74%
May-11   60,267   43,603   72%
Jun-11   63,834   47,059   74%
Attendee List
Name   Company   Phone   Email
Wayne Gilmer Utiliquest   301-674-2769   walter.gilmer@utiliquest.com
Kevin Woolbright   WSSC   240-205-3684   kwoolbr@wsscwater.com
Ron Diemer   NPL   443-829-9052   rdiemer@gonpl.com
Mark Hamrick   Verizon   410-610-1371   Mark.a.hamrick@verizon.com
Rooks Rogers   ICBM   443-253-4829   Rook75@gmail.com
Kathy Yadrish   Dynamic Concepts   202-494-2130   kyadrish@dcihq.com
Cal Brooks   Howard County   410-313-4952   cbrooks@howardcounty.gov
Erik Phillips   Utiliquest   443-324-7835   Erik.phillips@utiliquest.com
Jeff Walters   Utiliquest   443-790-0063   Jeff.walters@utiliquest.com
Jim Verga   Eastcom Associates   908-803-0195   jverga@eastcomassoc.com
Art Shapiro   DPW-Baltimore   443-928-3575   Art.shapiro@baltimorecity.gov
Nick Kelly   MGH   410-504-8338   nkelly@washgas.com
Lenny Corbin   Gray & Son   410-365-4156   lcorbin@graynson.com
Aaron Bouch   Skyline    
Tom Hastings   OCC Locating Service   410-712-0202   thastings@occls.com
Bill Richards   Lambert Cable Splicing   301-395-2093   Bill.richards@lambertcable.com
Andre Robinson   OMBN   410-313-1180   arobinson@howardcountymd.gov
Nic Barone   Gray & Son   410-365-5635   nbarone@graynson.com
Iris Curtis   SMECO   301-705-8689   Iris.curtis@smeco.coop
Greg Johnson   PEPCO   301-670-8735   gmjohnson@pepco.com
Jay Miranda   Badger Daylighting   202-603-4067   jmiranda@badger-corp.com
Bob Trott   PULS, Inc.   410-960-5994   Bob.trott@pulsinc.com
Tim Kempa   Comcast   410-933-1137   Tim_kempa@cable.comcast.com
John Berrettini   A/I/Data   410-686-5091   jberrettini@aidatainc.com
Marc Gilbert   ICBN   410-313-0450   mgilbert@howardcountymd.gov
Deena Joyce   WSSC   301-206-8259   djoyce@wsscwater.com
Mike Barton   ABC of Baltimore   443-600-0446   mbarton@abcbaltimore.org
Scott Brown   Washington Gas.   703-750-4388   ssbrown@washgas.com
Casey Stonestreet   Morgan E Russell, Inc.   410-257-2940   info@morganerussell.com
Dora Parks   Miss Utility Center   410-782-2026   doraparks@missutility.net