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Damage Prevention Committee

Minutes of Maryland/DC Damage Prevention Meeting
October 27, 2009
Miss Utility Call Center
Hanover, MD  21076

I. Call To Order and Introduction:

Wayne Gilmer (Utiliquest) called the regular monthly meeting to order at 9:35 am.

Introductions were made.

The minutes of September 22, 2009 were approved with minor corrections to the spelling of a few email addresses.

II. Safety Item:

Wayne Gilmer’s monthly safety topic covered tips on how to properly shovel snow.

III. 2009 Trade Show Schedule:

Wayne Gilmer stated the 2010 schedule would be finalized in December of this year. He thanked WSSC and PEPCO for covering shifts at the upcoming Suburban Home & Garden Show being held at the Show Place Arena in Upper Marlboro.

IV. Dig Smart/Locator Achievement Awards:

Mark Hamrick (Verizon), Kevin Woolbright, Dora Parks (Miss Utility) and Nick Kelly are having a short meeting following today’s meeting.

V. Damage Prevention Presentations/Safety Events:

Wayne Gilmer gave a brief update on the 2009 NICCjv & Centennial Contractors Mid-Atlantic East Safety Fair on October 20, 2009 at the Navy Yard Conference Center in Washington DC. He said they presented Miss Utility with a certificate of appreciation which would be hung on the wall in the Miss Utility conference room.

Wayne Gilmer gave a brief update on the upcoming damage prevention presentation at the MNCPPC Safety Management Conference on November 18th at the Holiday Inn in College Park, MD.

VI. 2009 Greater Chesapeake Damage Prevention Training Conference (GCDPTC):

There was a lengthy discussion about the success of the 2009 GCDPTC held at the Clarion Fontainebleau Hotel on October 21-23, 2009:

  • 320 people registered for the conference

  • 40 people participated in the golf outing held at Ocean City Golf Club in Berlin, MD on October 21st

  • 33 exhibitors participated in this year’s conference

  • Post conference surveys would be emailed to those that attended the conference by the end of the week

Please visit the following link for more details on the presentations that were given at this year’s conference:


VII. Title XII Steering Committee:

There was a brief discussion about the proposed Title XII changes. Wayne Gilmer said the committee is reviewing the comments that were provided by the September 17th deadline. He also reiterated that two stakeholder meetings would be held in advance of the start of the 2010 Maryland legislative session. The first one was held at the GCDPTC in Ocean City, MD on October 23th and the second one would be on November 12th at BGE”S Windsor Blvd. facility.

VIII. MD/DC Subscribers Committee Meeting:

The following topics were discussed at the October 14, 2009 meeting:

  • Recap of the Diamond Dig Events

  • Marylanders Plant Trees

  • 2009 GCDPTC

  • Advertising Expense Report

  • Title XII Rewrite

  • Call Center Reports (ITIC, 811, ADC 4 Digit Conversion)

There was a lengthy discussion about ADC 4 digit map conversion. Dora Parks stated that 9 counties have converted to 4 digit ADC map book. She said the Center created a 2 digit to 4 digit conversion table for those individuals and utility owners that are still using the older ADC map books. She also said ITIC users are going to see the 4 digit map layer online sometime in the early part of 2010.

IX. FTTP/FIOS Progress Report:

Mark Hamrick (Verizon) provided the following FTTP trench footage projections:

  October November
Anne Arundel 40,000 34,575
Baltimore 20,000 6,175
Charles 185,000 50,708
Howard 2,000 5,500
Harford 215,000 91,824
Montgomery 3,200 10,280
Prince George’s 1,500 10,280

Open Discussion:

Calvin Brooks (Howard County) gave an example of a water main damage that happened on a ticket that was called in as a FIOS drop. He was concerned because the ticket should have referenced the fact that the contractor was placing a ground rod. Mark Hamrick thanked Calvin for the feedback and said they would remind all Verizon contractors to add that information to the tickets.

Calvin Brooks asked if they would be held liable for a damage that occurs during an emergency excavation to repair a Howard County line. Tom Baldwin stated the Law is clear that excavators are liable if damage occurs during an emergency excavation.

Calvin Musgrove (AA County DPW) said he had an issue yesterday in which the Damage Investigation breakout session at the GCDPTC came in handy. He also said they have begun putting a T mark on their mains as a result of attending the Water/Sewer Lateral breakout session that was given by NPL and Washington Gas.

Tom Baldwin said Washington Gas is going to be marking their gas lines with the HDD symbol to let plumbers and DPWs know when gas lines are installed with horizontal direction drilling technology.

Maritza Vasquez (City of Annapolis) expressed concerns because citizens of Annapolis have reported telephone and cable television pedestals being exposed and young kids have been seen playing with the wires. Mark Hamrick and Tim Kempa (Comcast) offered to speak to her after the meeting to address her concerns.

Mark Hamrick stated that Verizon lines continue to be damaged in Washington DC and the impact on customer service is a very serious concern. He stated that Verizon will continue to encourage the scheduling of damage prevention training through the MD/DC Damage Prevention team. Verizon is also encouraging all excavators they come in contact with to utilize the MD/DC damage prevention resources and he would like to ask the other Subscriber members to do the same.

Larry Young (CW Wright Construction) said the inclusion of storm drains to the Maryland Law is a good thing and he asked if it would be possible to also require underground utility owners to mark water/sewer laterals. Tom Baldwin stated that the proposed Title XII changes wouldn’t pass if that type of language was added to the Maryland Law.

Upcoming Trade Shows:

The following tradeshows are schedule for 2009:

Show Name:   Suburban Maryland Fall Home Show
Date:   October 30th-November 1, 2009
City, State:   Upper Marlboro, MD
Place:   The Show Place Arena
Website:   http://www.acshomeshow.com/HGExpo/HAF.html

Upcoming Meetings:

The next Maryland/DC Damage Prevention meeting is scheduled for November 24, 2009 at the Miss Utility Center.  Coffee and donuts will be served at 9:00 am.  The meeting will begin at 9:30 am.

The next Maryland/DC Subscribers meeting will be held December 15, 2009 at the Miss Utility/District One Call Center. Coffee and donuts will be served at 8:30 am, and the meeting will begin at 9:00 am.

There being no further business brought before the committee, the meeting was adjourned at 10:55 am.

ITIC % Report for Maryland and Washington D.C.
Month   Call Center Tickets   ITIC Tickets   Percentage
Sep-08   60,176   42,587   71%
Oct-08   63,374   44,378   70%
Nov-08   44,680   31,772   71%
Dec-08   48,953   36,569   75%
Jan-09   44,393   32,250   73%
Feb-09   44,597   33,304   75%
Mar-09   54,095   39,670   73%
Apr-09   58,278   42,368   73%
May-09   54,805   39,824   73%
Jun-09   63,827   47,181   74%
Jul-08   60,956   45,051   74%
Aug-09   56,912   42,621   75%
Sep-09   59,409   44,048   74%
Attendee List
Name   Company   Phone   Email
Wayne Gilmer   Utiliquest   301-674-2769   walter.gilmer@utiliquest.com
Dora Parks   Miss Utility Center   410-782-2026   dora@missutility.net
Maritza Vasquez   Annapolis Utilities   443-336-7252    
Matt Ruddo   Miss Utility Center   410-782-2025   matt@missutility.net
Dylan Tonkin   American Infrastructure   410-977-1596   dylan.tonkin@americaninfrastructure.com
Mark Hamrick   Verizon   410-610-1371   mark.a.hamrick@verizon.com
Calvin Brooks   Howard County   410-313-4952   cbrooks@howardcomd.gov
Tom Baldwin   BGE   410-470-6696   t.c.baldwin@bge.com
Paul Elwood   Utiliquest   410-536-0070   paul.elwood@utiliquest.com
Ray King   Howard County   410-615-0241   Ray17king@yahoo.com
Glenn Goins   A.A. County   410-222-7344   pwgoin01@aacounty.org
Bill Dow   CableCom   410-354-5850   bill.dow@cablecom.net
Joe Feronti   Utiliquest   301-343-8762   joe.feronti@utiliquest.com
Tom Hastings   OCCLS Locating   410-712-0202   thastings@occls.com
Nick Kelly   MGH   410-504-8338   nkelly@mghus.com
Kevin Woolbright   WSSC   240-205-3684   kwoolbr1@wsscwater.com
Debbie Higgs   SMECO   410-414-6120   debbie.higgs@smeco.com
Dan Wiles   Utiliquest   410-536-0070   dan.wiles@utiliquest.com
Greg Johnson   PEPCO   301-670-8735   gmjohnson@pepco.com
Rick Behrens   CableCom   916-712-5028   rick.behrens@cablecommllc.net
Rodney Bauer   Harford Co. W&S   410-612-1612   rlbauer@harfordcountymd.gov
Karen Watkins   SMECO   301-274-4350   karen.watkins@smeco.coop
Dennis Lescalleet   Pleasants Construction   301-428-0800   dlescalleet@pleasants.org
Jay Spence   Mirant   301-751-6269   James.spence@mirant.com
Calvin Musgrove   AA Co. DPW   410-222-8452   Pwmusg62@aacounty.org
Tim Kempa   Comcast   410-933-1130   Tim_kempa@cable.comcast.com
Larry Young   CW Wright Const. Co.   410-247-0220   Larry_young@cwwright.com
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