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Minutes of Maryland/DC Damage Prevention Meeting
June 23, 2009
Miss Utility Call Center
Hanover, MD  21076

I. Call To Order and Introduction:

Wayne Gilmer (Utiliquest) called the regular monthly meeting to order at 9:35 am.

Introductions were made.

The minutes of May 26, 2009 were approved.

II. Safety Item:

Wayne Gilmer’s monthly safety topic covered hearing conservation.

III. Diamond Dig Event:

Nick Kelly (MGH) provided the following update and showed everyone a PowerPoint presentation of the event which was held on June 14, 2009.

Event Details:

  • One Diamond- approx 1ct. to be won by a lucky Frederick Keys fan following the game.
  • Prior to the game, 106.9 The Eagle will promote the event and select some of the contestants who will be invited onto the field following the game to participate in the “Miss Utility Diamond Dig”.
  • During the game, additional finalists will be randomly selected via registration drawing on the stadium concourse and invited to come onto the field following the game.
  • As part of this event date, Miss Utility will also be the evening’s event sponsor and sponsor of that evening’s post-game Fireworks Spectacular!
  • Miss Utility will be given a given the opportunity to set up a marketing booth in the concourse along the first base line.
  • Two representatives will be given the opportunity to throw out the first pitch prior to the start of the game.

Promotion of event:

  • All Keys advertising promoting the Diamond Dig (pocket schedules, website, playbill ads & upcoming events section, newsletters/email blasts, etc.)
    • Name mention of Miss Utility in up to 250,000 Keys pocket schedules distributed around the region as sponsor of the event.
    • Weekly Keys E-Newsletter (April- event date)- The event will be promoted in each newsletter prior to the event.
    • The newsletter goes out bi-weekly leading up to the season and then once every home stand once the season has begun. There are approximately 8,700 subscribers.
  • Event will be listed on www.frederickkeys.com all season (on the schedule of events page)
  • Keys Game Day Magazine (free playbill)- Leading up the Diamond Dig, there will be 4 editions (34 games) in which the magazine will mention the Diamond Dig in the upcoming event
  • The Frederick Keys will print and will hand out fliers (and place at guest service booth) promoting the Diamond Dig prior to the event- this can start as early as opening day (April 17)
  • In stadium promotion of the diamond dig through PA Announcements/ video board messages for a minimum of 2 home stands prior to event date
  • Press Releases to area media outlets to promote event and generate interest in pre-publicity and coverage of the event.

IV. Dig Smart/Locator Achievement Awards:

No report.

V. Damage Prevention Presentations:

Wayne Gilmer gave a brief update on the following damage prevention presentations/safety events:

  • CJ Miller 3514 Basler Road Hampstead, MD on June 5, 2009
  • Walter Reed Army Medical Center Safety Day at 6900 Georgia Avenue Building 83 on May 27, 2009. Wayne read aloud the thank you note he received from them.
  • US Department of Energy, Office of Health, Safety & Security Training Day at 23730 Frederick Road Clarksburg, MD on June 3, 2009
  • DCWASA Safety Day 2009 at the Blue Plains Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant located at 5000 Overlook Ave. in Washington DC on June 12, 2009

Wayne Gilmer referenced upcoming damage prevention presentations/safety events:

  • Chesapeake Region Safety Council’s Conference & Expo at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab located at 11100 Johns Hopkins Road in Laurel, MD on September 15, 2009.

VI. 2009 Greater Chesapeake Damage Prevention Training Conference (GCDPTC):

Matt Ruddo gave a brief update on the GCDPTC that will be held at the Clarion Fontainebleau Hotel on October 21-23, 2009:

  • Matt distributed a sample of the postcard that was being mailed to approximately 4,000 companies
  • Early bird discounts are available through July 31, 2009
  • A Planning Committee meeting with breakout session speakers would immediately follow today’s MD/DC Damage Prevention meeting

Please visit the following link for more details on registration options:

Sponsorship and exhibit opportunities are still available and can be found at the following links:
http://www.missutility.net/2009Conference/sponsors.asp http://www.missutility.net/2009Conference/exhibitors.asp

VII. Title XII Steering Committee:

Tom Baldwin stated the Steering Committee is talking about having two stakeholder meetings. One would be held at the GCDPTC in Ocean City, MD and the other one at BGE”S Woodlawn facility. He said the text portion of the Law was completed and the committee agreed on the Maryland Damage Prevention Authority (MDPA) as the enforcement authority. He also said the Steering Committee plans to meet every Monday morning through August.

IX. MD/DC Subscribers Committee Meeting:

Next meeting is tentatively scheduled at Washington Gas’ Springfield, VA facility on August 19, 2009 at 9:00 am.

XI. FTTP/FIOS Progress Report:

Mark Hamrick (Verizon) provided the following FTTP trench footage projections:

  July August
Anne Arundel 20,000 30,000
Baltimore 101,000 48,000
Charles 190,000 237,000
Howard 51,000 6,000
Harford 319,000 460,000
Montgomery 204,000 160,000
Prince George’s 56,000 93,000

There were general concerns raised with the large increase in the projections for certain counties from the previous month. Tom Baldwin stated that it is important to know when the crews are coming so that utility owners can gear up for the locating effort. He said it will be a challenge to get all tickets located and responded to with a limited amount of advance notice. Mark Hamrick stated that he understands the concerns being raised and he will pass them on within Verizon.

Open Discussion:

Alex Dankanich (DOT/Pipeline) said that federal grants are available for the 2009-2010 damage prevention awareness campaign. He said one call centers can seek the grant as longs as the get an approval letter from the Governor. There was a brief discussion about the difficulty submitting the grant through the FedStar application. Alex suggested that Sam Hall (PHMSA) be contacted for assistance.

Alice Gilmore asked if the Miss Utility Center plans to discontinue use of the 2 digit ADC map books. Dora Parks (Miss Utility Center) said that Miss Utility would continue to use the 2 digit maps until approximately 70% of all users have switched over to the 4 digit books.

Mark Hamrick stated that Verizon lines are being damaged in Washington DC and the impact on customer service is a very serious concern. He stated that Verizon will continue to encourage the scheduling of damage prevention training through the MD/DC Damage Prevention team. Verizon is also encouraging all excavators they come in contact to utilize the MD/DC damage prevention resources and he would like to ask the other Subscriber members to do the same.

Upcoming Trade Shows:

The following tradeshows are schedule for 2009:

Show name:   Maryland Municipal League
Date:   June 28-July 1, 2009
City, State:   Ocean City, MD
Place:   Ocean City Convention Center
Website:   http://www.mdmunicipal.org/cv09/cvgeneralinfo.cfm
Show name:   Maryland Association of Counties
Date:   August 12-15, 2009
City, State:   Ocean City, MD
Place:   Roland Powell Convention Center
Website:   http://www.mdcounties.org/events/default.cfm
Show name:   Chesapeake Region Safety Council Conference & Expo
Date:   September 15, 2009
City, State:   Laurel, MD
Place:   Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab
Website:   http://www.chesapeakesc.org
Show name:   Suburban Maryland Fall Home Show
Date:   September 11-13, 2009
City, State:   Germantown, MD
Place:   Discovery Sports Center at Maryland Soccerplex
Website:   http://www.acshomeshow.com/HGExpo/DSF.html
Show Name:   Harford Live!
Date:   September 26-27, 2009
City, State:   Aberdeen, MD
Place:   Ripken Stadium
Website:   http://www.harfordlive.com
Show Name:   Maryland Home & Garden Show
Date:   October 16-18, 2009
City, State:   Timonium, MD
Place:   Maryland State Fairgrounds
Website:   http://www.acshomeshow.com/HGExpo/HAF.html
Show Name:   Suburban Maryland Fall Home Show
Date:   October 30th-November 1, 2009
City, State:   Upper Marlboro, MD
Place:   The Show Place Arena
Website:   http://www.acshomeshow.com/HGExpo/HAF.html

Upcoming Meetings:

The next Maryland/DC Damage Prevention meeting is scheduled for July 28, 2009 at the Miss Utility Center.  Coffee and donuts will be served at 9:00 am.  The meeting will begin at 9:30 am.

The next Maryland/DC Subscribers meeting will be held August 19, 2009 at Washington Gas which is located at 6801 Industrial Blvd. Springfield, VA 22151. Coffee and donuts will be served at 8:30 am, and the meeting will begin at 9:00 am.

There being no further business brought before the committee, the meeting was adjourned at 10:35 am.

ITIC % Report for Maryland and Washington D.C.
Month   Call Center Tickets   ITIC Tickets   Percentage
May-08   60,597   41,305   68%
Jun-08   61,717   42,510   69%
Jul-08   63,231   44,582   71%
Aug-08   58,606   40,823   70%
Sep-08   60,176   42,587   71%
Oct-08   63,374   44,378   70%
Nov-08   44,680   31,772   71%
Dec-08   48,953   36,569   75%
Jan-09   44,393   32,250   73%
Feb-09   44,597   33,304   75%
Mar-09   54,095   39,670   73%
Apr-09   58,278   42,368   73%
May-09   54,805   39,824   73%
Attendee List
Name   Company   Phone   Email
Wayne Gilmer   Utiliquest   301-674-2769   walter.gilmer@utiliquest.com
Dora Parks   Miss Utility Center   410-782-2026   dora@missutility.net
David Wilkins   WSSC   301-206-4371   Dwilkin1@wsscwater.com
Matt Ruddo   Miss Utility Center   410-712-0056   matt@missutility.net
John Rothe   Southern MD Cable   443-532-7195   jrothe@smcinc.biz
Mark Hamrick   Verizon   410-610-1371   mark.a.hamrick@verizon.com
Calvin Brooks   Howard County   410-313-4952   cbrooks@howardcomd.gov
Tom Baldwin   BGE   410-470-6696   t.c.baldwin@bge.com
Glenn Goins   A.A. County   410-222-7344   Pwgoin01@aacounty.org
Robert Wells   DCWASA   202-787-4245   Robert.wellsjr.@dcwasa.com
Ralph Williams   DCWASA   202-812-5149   ralph.williams@dcwasa.com
Don Jones   Washington Gas   703-750-5510   djones@washgas.com
Kevin Woolbright   WSSC   240-205-3684   kwoolbr@wsscwater.com
Tom Hastings   OCCLS Locating   410-712-0202   thastings@occls.com
Art Worthham   Master Locators Inc.   610-620-7808   Art.wortham@masterlocators.com
Chuck Baker   Verizon   301-725-3966   Charles.b.baker.jr@verizon.com
Guy Miller   Badger Daylighting   240-319-0654   Gmiller.badger@yahoo.com
Jeff Stewart   Badger Daylighting   770-362-3067   jstewart@badger-corp.com
Dan Wiles   Utiliquest   410-536-0070   Dan.wiles@utiliquest.com
Tim Kempa   Comcast   410-371-3304   tim_kempa@cable.comcast.com
Rick Behrens   CableCom   916-712-5028   Rick.behrens@cablecommllc.net
Mike Boin   Verizon   410-371-8946   Michael.m.bion@verizon.com
Alex Dankanich   DOT/Pipeline   202-550-0481   Alex.dankanich@dot.gov
Dennis Lescalleet   Pleasants Construction   301-428-0800   dlescalleet@pleasants.org
Martin Wetzler   Long Fence   240-417-1922   mwetzler@longfence.com
Alice Gilmore   Long Fence   301-250-2440   agilmore@longfence.com
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