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Damage Prevention Committee

Minutes of Maryland/DC Damage Prevention Meeting
May 26, 2009
Miss Utility Call Center
Hanover, MD  21076

I. Call To Order and Introduction:

Wayne Gilmer (Utiliquest) called the regular monthly meeting to order at 9:35 am.

Introductions were made.

The minutes of April 28, 2009 were approved with one addition. Kevin Woolbright (WSSC) was in attendance for the damage prevention presentation for DCWASA on April 24th at their Blue Plains Treatment Facility.

II. Safety Item:

Wayne Gilmerís monthly safety topic covered the dangers of backing up cars/trucks out of parking spaces.

III. Dig Smart/Locator Achievement Awards:

Dora Parks (Miss Utility) & Mark Hamrick (Verizon) gave a brief update on the Awards night feedback. They both stated the first 2010 Awards meeting would be held sometime in October of 2009.

IV. Damage Prevention Presentations:

Wayne Gilmer gave a brief update on the following damage prevention presentations:

  • Fort Detrick Safety Awareness Day at 832 Gardner Street in Frederick, MD on May 7, 2009 attended by Wayne Gilmer
  • Home Builders Association of Maryland- Land Development Council- at 7127 Ambassador Drive in Woodlawn, MD on May 7, 2009 conducted by Tom Baldwin (BGE) and Matt Ruddo (Miss Utility)
  • Montgomery County Maintenance Department on May 13th, 15th & 21st in multiple locations conducted by Wayne Gilmer, Mike Boin (Verizon), Al Bennett (Verizon), John Parkman (Washington Gas)
  • PEPCO Claims Department on May 22, 2009 in NW DC conducted by Ken Payne (PEPCO), Wayne Gilmer, Kevin Woolbright (WSSC), David Wilkins (WSSC), Curtis Hunter (Washington Gas) and Matt Ruddo.

Wayne Gilmer referenced the following upcoming damage prevention presentations:

  • Walter Reed Army Medical Center Safety Day at 6900 Georgia Avenue Building 83 on May 27, 2009.
  • US Department of Energy, Office of Health, Safety & Security Training Day at 23730 Frederick Road Clarksburg, MD on June 3, 2009
  • DCWASA Safety Day on June 12, 2009

VI. 2009 Greater Chesapeake Damage Prevention Training Conference (GCDPTC):

Matt Ruddo gave a brief update on the GCDPTC that will be held at the Clarion Fontainebleau Hotel on October 21-23, 2009. He stated that a postcard mailing promoting the break out session content would be done within the next couple of weeks. He also said that the Planning Committee would be meeting immediately following the Damage Prevention meeting.

Please visit the following link for more details on registration options: http://www.missutility.net/2009Conference/registration.asp

Sponsorship and exhibit opportunities are still available and can be found at the following links:
http://www.missutility.net/2009Conference/sponsors.asp http://www.missutility.net/2009Conference/exhibitors.asp

VII. VI. Trade Shows & Safety Events:

Nick Kelly gave a brief update on the summer trade shows with the Maryland Municipal League and the Maryland Association of Counties. He also said that promotional items reorders would be this summer in advance of the fall trade shows.

Trade show coordinator contact is Nick Kelly of MGH and he can be reached at nkelly@mghus.com or 410-504-8338.

VIII. Title XII Steering Committee:

Tom Baldwin stated the Steering Committee is meeting weekly now with the hope of having the proposed Law changes and the addition of the compliance/enforcement piece to everyone by the end of June.

IX. MD/DC Subscribers Committee Meeting:

No report. Next meeting is scheduled for June 3, 2009 at 9:00 am in the Call Center conference room.

XI. FTTP/FIOS Progress Report:

Mark Hamrick (Verizon) provided the following FTTP trench footage projections:

  June July
Anne Arundel 14,994 15,227
Baltimore 153,711 26,734
Charles 114,957 118,202
Howard 40,681 18,660
Harford 202,307 131,472
Montgomery 172,519 75,208
Prince George’s 52,003 35,356

Mark also gave Verizonís damage ratio of 0.48 damages per 10,000 trench feet for the month of April.

Open Discussion:

There was a lengthy discussion about the ongoing concerns and issues that Dennis Lescalleet (Pleasants Construction) is having on large projects. Dan Wiles (Utiliquest) stated that the massive tickets processed over and over again continue to have a negative impact on their locating efforts when only small areas are being excavated. Dennis stated that he would work with his people on tickets that are almost completed to help minimize time spent by locators marking their tickets.

There was a lengthy discussion about concerns raised by Tom Hastings (OCCLS) that homeownerís are becoming more aggressive towards locators that come on their property. Tom is also concerned that homeowners arenít being notified of work on or near their property. Several stated that they have seen a marked increase in homeowner complaints and that it might be helpful to minimize calling in for the entire property on jobs when it is practical.

Nick Kelly gave a brief update on the Miss Utility Diamond Dig that would be held on Sunday June 14, 2009 at the Frederick Keys baseball stadium. He said 106.9 The Eagle would begin promoting the event next week.

Dennis Lescalleet stated that he was having issues calling 811 in the Frederick/Montgomery County area. He said his call was being connected to a mortgage company.

Upcoming Trade Shows:

The following tradeshows are schedule for 2009:

Show name:   Maryland Municipal League
Date:   June 28-July 1, 2009
City, State:   Ocean City, MD
Place:   Ocean City Convention Center
Website:   http://www.mdmunicipal.org/cv09/cvgeneralinfo.cfm
Show name:   Maryland Association of Counties
Date:   August 12-15, 2009
City, State:   Ocean City, MD
Place:   Roland Powell Convention Center
Website:   http://www.mdcounties.org/events/default.cfm
Show name:   Chesapeake Region Safety Council Conference & Expo
Date:   September 15, 2009
City, State:   Laurel, MD
Place:   Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab
Website:   http://www.chesapeakesc.org
Show name:   Suburban Maryland Fall Home Show
Date:   September 11-13, 2009
City, State:   Germantown, MD
Place:   Discovery Sports Center at Maryland Soccerplex
Website:   http://www.acshomeshow.com/HGExpo/DSF.html
Show Name:   Harford Live!
Date:   September 26-27, 2009
City, State:   Aberdeen, MD
Place:   Ripken Stadium
Website:   http://www.harfordlive.com
Show Name:   Maryland Home & Garden Show
Date:   October 16-18, 2009
City, State:   Timonium, MD
Place:   Maryland State Fairgrounds
Website:   http://www.acshomeshow.com/HGExpo/HAF.html
Show Name:   Suburban Maryland Fall Home Show
Date:   October 30th-November 1, 2009
City, State:   Upper Marlboro, MD
Place:   The Show Place Arena
Website:   http://www.acshomeshow.com/HGExpo/HAF.html

Upcoming Meetings:

The next Maryland/DC Damage Prevention meeting is scheduled for June 23, 2009 at the Miss Utility Center.  Coffee and donuts will be served at 9:00 am.  The meeting will begin at 9:30 am.

The next Maryland/DC Subscribers meeting will be held June 3, 2009 at the Miss Utility Center. Coffee and donuts will be served at 8:30 am, and the meeting will begin at 9:00 am.

There being no further business brought before the committee, the meeting was adjourned at 10:40 am.

ITIC % Report for Maryland and Washington D.C.
Month   Call Center Tickets   ITIC Tickets   Percentage
Apr-08   63,265   42,709   68%
May-08   60,597   41,305   68%
Jun-08   61,717   42,510   69%
Jul-08   63,231   44,582   71%
Aug-08   58,606   40,823   70%
Sep-08   60,176   42,587   71%
Oct-08   63,374   44,378   70%
Nov-08   44,680   31,772   71%
Dec-08   48,953   36,569   75%
Jan-09   44,393   32,250   73%
Feb-09   44,597   33,304   75%
Mar-09   54,095   39,670   73%
Apr-09   58,278   42,368   73%
Attendee List
Name   Company   Phone   Email
Wayne Gilmer   Utiliquest   301-674-2769   walter.gilmer@utiliquest.com
Dora Parks   Miss Utility Center   410-782-2026   dora@missutility.net
David Wilkins   WSSC   301-206-4371   Dwilkin1@wsscwater.com
Matt Ruddo   Miss Utility Center   410-712-0056   matt@missutility.net
Vince Healy   Verizon   301-898-9695   Vincent.c.healy@verizon.com
Mark Hamrick   Verizon   410-610-1371   mark.a.hamrick@verizon.com
Bob Norman   Utiliquest   443-790-0052   bob.norman@utiliquest.com
Tom Baldwin   BGE   410-470-6696   t.c.baldwin@bge.com
Glenn Goins   A.A. County   410-222-7344   Pwgoin01@aacounty.org
Joe Feronti   Utiliquest   301-343-8762   Joe.feronti@utiliquest.com
Jay Spence   Mirant Piney Point   301-751-6269   James.spence@mirant.com
Don Jones   Washington Gas   703-750-5510   djones@washgas.com
Kevin Woolbright   WSSC   240-205-3684   kwoolbr@wsscwater.com
Tom Hastings   OCCLS Locating   410-712-0202   thastings@occls.com
Karen Watkins   SMECO   301-274-4350   Karen.watkins@smeco.coop
Becky Stem   CJ Miller LLC   410-239-8006   rstem@cjmillerllc.com
Kyle Bitzer   CJ Miller LLC   410-239-8006   rbitzer@cjmillerllc.com
Tim Kempa   Comcast   410-371-3304   tim_kempa@cable.comcast.com
Dan Wiles   Utiliquest   410-536-0070   Dan.wiles@utiliquest.com
Dennis Lescalleet   Pleasants Construction   301-428-0800   dlescalleet@pleasants.org
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