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Damage Prevention Committee

Minutes of Maryland/DC Damage Prevention Meeting
March 23, 2008
Miss Utility Call Center
Hanover, MD  21076
9:30AM - 11:30AM

I. Call To Order and Introduction:

Minutes of the Miss Utility Damage Prevention meeting held at the Miss Utility Center in Hanover, MD on March 23, 2008. Wayne Gilmer (chairman) called the meeting to order at 9:35 am. A list of those in attendance is attached.
Introductions were made.

The minutes of February 26, 2008 were approved.

II. Safety Item:

Wayne reviewed “Convenience has its price” Driving safety in and around convenience stores and construction sites.

III. Damage Prevention Presentations:

Wayne gave feedback on recent presentations for Potomac Construction, WSSC, and Charles county Highway maintenance. Jack Sullivan submitted feedback for C.J. Miller, Davis Electric, and Gilbane.

Wayne stated the upcoming shows scheduled for this month were NPL, and Mainling Services, with Masters Plumbing trying to work out scheduling.

IV. Trade Shows/Safety Events:

WWayne provided feedback on trade show events stating the spring season was winding down. There are two upcoming in the summer that were already covered, and he encouraged everyone to look toward the fall shows schedule and begin planning for coverage for those events.

V. Locator Achievement/Dig Smart Committee:

Mark Hamrick provided feedback stating the winners have been chosen and notified, invitations were going out. The next meeting was scheduled for April 4th at the Sheraton venue in Columbia Md. Congratulations was offered to this year's winners

VI. Marking Standards:

Wayne provided a brief history of the marking standards and stated the group was near completion of the marking standards manual. The group was scheduled to meet after this meeting and had invited MGH (marketing group for Miss Utility) to discuss the lay out and finalization of the manual.

VII. Title 12 Steering Committee:

Wayne provided feedback on the progress being made in the title 12 meetings. He stated there was some push back from the excavators on the committee concerning penalties and the Public Service commission’s role. Jim Barron (title 12 committee chairman) had distributed an e mail for the suggested changes to be circulated and this would be discussed at the upcoming Subscribers Meeting scheduled for April 10th. They have yet to discuss at length the “nine elements” that is part of the Federal requirements, but were waiting on clarification from a number of sources including the CGA conference which was being held this week. The successful changes to date are in regards to the general guidelines, definitions, recovery of damages, and “designer” ticket requests. Tom Hastings (One Call Concepts) added the civil penalties appear to be the major sticking point at this time, and Wayne explained they are discussing a review board that may satisfy everyone.

VII. FTTP Projections:

Sam Jones (Verizon) provided the following two month FTTP trench footage projections:

  April May
Anne Arundel 150,000 100,000
Howard 112,000 100,000
Montgomery 1,000 1,000
Prince George’s 20,000 0

MGH Update:

Nick from MGH stated they were making some updates to the current volunteer list that are distributed in the hope of making them more user friendly to those wanting to volunteer. They will attempt to create an interactive data base that will assist in people knowing what dates and times are available in real time. He stated the winners for the Locate Achievement and Dig Smart awards were posted on the web. This upcoming Wednesday they would be at the Sheraton for the “walk through” to insure the event would go smoothly. They were moving forward with this summers “Diamond Dig” event scheduled at the Bowie Bay socks stadium on July 31st. The press releases were complete and they will continue to work on advertising for the event. April 1st begins the radio spot campaign for the Miss Utility spring safety awareness advertising. He concluded staying he would be staying for the marking standards meeting following this meeting to work on the finalization process with the group.

Wayne stated he would need MGH help on the next round of trade shows to get Miss Utility added to the “do not move” list. He stated they had had some problems with certain venues promising a certain spot on the floor, and then upon arrival finding the location had been changed. He started there was a way for them to negotiate with the venues to insure our location would remain the same every year. Kevin Woolbright (WSSC) stated this has been a real problem in the past with certain people making comments about not being able to find the booth, upset that it had been moved. Kevin stated that people will generally look for us in the same place each year.

XI. Open Discussion:

Jack Sullivan (BGE) asked that we once more discuss the language of “ticket life” and what the interpretation should be. A discussion ensued concerning when a ticket began and how long the ticket should be good for. Mark Hamrick (Verizon) stated he had poled the group not too long ago on the subject and the general consensus was that the ticket life was 10 days, starting after the 48 hr time period for waiting for the ticket to be marked was over. This led to more discussion and Jack stated the Miss Utility law states the time for the ticket life to begin was the declared start to work date. Mark Hamrick stated that was fine, but could lead to problems with the contractor attempting to extend his ticket life by declaring a future start to work date and that the subject had been discussed previously. Wayne explained the discussion was handled by the title 12 committee and they had agreed the start date of a ticket was to be 7:00am the following day of a request. If the ticket was requested prior to 7:00am it would begin that day and if the request was made after 7:00am it would begin the following day at 7:00am. He further stated they had amended the ticket life to 12 business days. It was agreed generally that currently the start date was the declared work to begin date and the ticket was good for ten business days thereafter, with the contractor remaining responsible for maintaining the marks throughout the life of the ticket, and calling for remarks as necessary.

There was a brief discussion concerning response times and dates, and Wayne encouraged all to submit there suggestions to the members of the title 12 group for discussion.

There were no more questions or comments following and the meeting was adjourned at 11:30 am.

The next meeting is scheduled for April 22nd. At 9:30am.

ITIC % Report for Maryland and Washington D.C.
Month   Call Center Tickets   ITIC Tickets   Percentage
Mar-07   68,632   46,108   67%
Apr-07   71,453   47,548   67%
May-07   79,243   53,201   67%
Jun-07   74,055   50,649   68%
Jul-07   75,034   52,724   70%
Aug-07   76,641   54,537   71%
Sep-07   68,418   47,376   69%
Oct-07   74,837   51,712   69%
Nov-07   60,718   42,868   71%
Dec-07   53,677   39,652   74%
Jan-08   58,159   41,586   72%
Feb-08   51,004   36,810   72%
Mar-08   57,239   39,568   69%
Attendee List
Name   Company   Phone   Email
Mark Hamrick   Verizon   410-610-1371   mark.a.hamrick@verizon.com
Wayne Gilmer   Utiliquest   301-674-2769   walter.gilmer@utiliquest.com
Jeff Novotny   NTI   443-277-3694   jnovotny@trenching.com
Marc Haines   BGE   443-324-0371   marc.haines@bge.com
Becky Stem   CJ Miller   410-239-8006   rsten@cjmillerllc.com
Lise Utz   CJ Miller   410-239-8006   lutz@cjmillerllc.com
Olivia Herrera   Utiliquest   301-356-1566   olivia.herrera@utiliquest.com
Raul Torres   Utiliquest   301-343-5224   raul.torres@utiliquest.com
Samuel Jones   Verizon   301-475-9904   samuel.h.jones@verizon.com
Cal Brooks   Howard County   410-313-4952   cbrooks@howardcountymd.gov
Karen Watkins   SMECO   301-274-4350   karen.watkins@smeco.coop
David Wilkins   WSSC   301-206-4371   dwilkins1@wsscwater.com
Jay Spence   Mirant Pipeline   301-751-6269   james.spence@mirant.com
Bill Taylor   Verizon   410-916-7726   james.william.e.taylor.jr@verizon.com
Kevin Woolbright   WSSC   301-206-8616   kwoolbr@wssc.com
Joe Feronti   Utiliquest   301-343-8762   joe.feronti@utiliquest.com
Bob Norman   Utiliquest   443-790-0052   bob.norman@utiliquest.com
Tim Kempa   Comcast   410-371-3304   tim_kempa@cable.comcast.com
Jack Sullivan   BGE   410-590-9606  
John Wiebeason   Georgetown Bid   202-298-9222   jwiebeason@georgetowndc.com
Brian Sink   S&N Communications   804-229-518   bsink@sncommfc.com
Sherell Stone   NPL Construction   410-355-1083   sstone@nplcc.com
Don Jones   Washington Gas   703-750-5510   djones@washingtongas.com
Greg Johnson   PEPCO   301-670-8735   gmjohnson@pepco.com
Tom Hastings   OCCLS   410-712-0202   thastings@occls.com
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