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:: Marking Guidelines Committee

Minutes of The Marking Guidelines Meeting
June 26, 2007
Miss Utility Call Center
Hanover, MD 21076

Wayne opened the meeting by reviewing the minutes of the meeting held in March and suggested that the committee review all minutes and at the next meeting the committee should decide what topics are left to discuss.
Sherell Stone to prive a re-cap of all minutes.
The labeling for fiber was briefly discussed with an example of:

The meeting was adjourned at 1:30pm.
The next meeting will will the MD/DC Damage Prevention Meeting of July 24, 2007.

To view the Marking Guidelines & Best Practices Voted & Accepted Definitions (as of 02/27/07), click here.

Attendee List
Name Company Phone Email
Wayne Gilmer Utiliquest 301-674-2769 walter.gilmer@utiliquest.com
Sherell Stone NPL 410-354-3972 sstone@nplcc.com
Tom Hastings OCCLS 410-712-0544 thastings@occls.com
Ken Payne Pepco 202-388-2148 khpayne@pepco.com
Mark Hamrick Verizon 410-414-5685 mark.a.hamrick@verizon.com
Tim Kempa Comcast 410-371-3304 tim_kempa@cable.comcast.com
Dennis Lescalleet Pleasants Construction 301-428-0800 dlescalleet@pleasants.org
Gary Shulties Delmarva Power 410-758-4112 gshulties@delmarva.com
Karen Watkins SMECO 301-274-4350 karen.watkins@Smeco.coop
Kevin Woolbright WSSC 301-206-8216 kwoolbr@wsscwater.com
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