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:: Marking Guidelines Committee

Minutes of The Marking Guidelines Meeting
One Call Center, Hanover, MD 21076
April 24, 2007

Attendee List
Name Company Phone Email
Tom Baldwin BGE 410-291-3677 t.c.baldwin@bge.com
Tom Hastings OCCLS 410-712-0544 thastings@occls.com
Gregory Johnson Pepco 301-670-8735 gmjohnson@pepco.com
Mark Hamrick Verizon 410-414-5685 mark.a.hamrick@verizon.com
Tim Kempa Comcast 410-371-3304 tim_kempa@cable.comcast.com
Kelly Hardy Utiliquest kelly.hardy@utiliquest.com
Dennis Lescalleet Pleasants Construction 301-428-0800 dlescalleet@pleasants.org
Gary Shulties Delmarva Power 410-758-4112 gshulties@delmarva.com
Kevin Woolbright WSSC 301-206-8216 kwoolbr@wsscwater.com

Minutes of The Marking Guidelines Meeting
One Call Center, Hanover, MD 21076
April 24, 2007

The meeting began at 11:30am with introductions of attendees.
The committee reviewed the minutes from the last meeting.
Someone asked what template are we using? We are following the Va. Standard as our guideline sheet.
It was determined that the material type for wrapped steel should be changed to W/S, instead of W/STL.
Fiber optics was brought up and it was decided to table that discussion, for now.
A question was raised: Should we have labels for fiber optics vs. just using orange paint?
Electric: We have not had a lot of conversation about this area. Mark Hamrick drew an example on the board. The sizes of pipe when known-label as needed. There are times when we donít know the sizes (Referred to minutes of 2/27/07) There was open discussion about current use in the industry and Tom Baldwin drew a diagram on the board. Another question was raised: If you have multiple sets of cables in the same ditch, how should they be identified?
Example: (Total of seven cables in the below example)

Kelly Hardy asked for the committee to give examples of why it is important to mark all cables.
..To provide as much information on knowing what cables are buried?
Tim Kempa asked, ďHow would you know what cable wasnít marked, if hit?Ē
Kelly asked what a locator would do if there are abandoned cables still in the trench and all agreed that you just do the best you can. Mark added that VZ gets calls all the time asking for someone to come out and check a line. Itís best to get these calls, so the excavator checks prior to digging.
The committee discussed and voted 100% in favor of:
Electric Label Definitions:
SL=Street lights
#2 cables
115KV= or > 115,000 volts

It was also decided, per Timís suggestion to put in order of power strength.
The committee discussed fiber labeling and joint trench as topics for the next meeting.
Also, Mark will forward language adopted to use.
At this time, the meeting adjourned.

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