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Minutes of Maryland/DC Damage Prevention Meeting
August 22, 2006
Miss Utility Call Center
Hanover, MD  21076

I. Call To Order and Introduction:
Wayne Gilmer (Utiliquest) called the regular monthly meeting to order at 9:35 am.
Introductions were made.

The minutes of July 25, 2006 were approved.

II. Damage Prevention Presentations:
Matt Ruddo stated that a safety presentation is scheduled for Anne Arundel County Department of Public Works Bureau of Highways on August 25, 2006 from 8:00 am to 10:00 am at 2660 Riva Road in Annapolis, MD

III. Safety Events:
Matt Ruddo attended the 2006 Frederick County Employee Picnic. He said it was a well attended event even though it was 98 degrees outside. He passed out a lot of color code cards and coloring books.

Matt Ruddo attended a safety presentation for the employees of Childs Landscape. He said that there were approximately 120 Spanish speaking employees on hand and they provided an interpreter.

Wayne Gilmer stated that Centennial Contractors will be holding their 2006 Mid-Atlantic Safety Fair at the La Fontaine Bleu at 7963 Annapolis Road in Lanham, MD on September 21, 2006.

IV. Trade Shows:
Matt Ruddo attended the August 16th-19th Maryland Association of Counties Convention in Ocean City with Tony Gersitz of USPCD. He stated that a lot of county employee where in attendance and he passed out a lot of color code cards, tip cards, brochures, etc.

Wayne indicated that several trade shows were scheduled this fall and volunteers would be needed to work the trade show booth. Wayne asked everyone to contact him, Lisa Howard or Matt Ruddo if they could spare a few hours to work a shift.

V. Locator Achievement & Dig Smart Awards:
Tom Baldwin stated that the 2006 Locator Achievement/Dig Smart Awards Committee meeting would be held sometime in September. He gave a brief history of the Awards and the qualifications necessary to become a winner. He stated that he is looking for volunteers from all stakeholder groups.

VI. Marking Standards Committee:
Wayne Gilmer stated that the Marking Standards Committee is made up of all stakeholder groups and their goal is to come to a consensus on common marking standards for all types of underground facilities. He thanked Matt Ruddo for posting the meeting minutes on the website.

VII. Contractor Events:
Matt Ruddo stated that two contractor events are scheduled for October 17th and 19th in the Hughesville and Laurel areas of Maryland. He said he spoke with Bob Lawson of MOSH and that they would be participate in the event by providing a guest speaker and setting up their trade show booth. Matt said he would provide more details at the next MD/DC Damage Prevention meeting

VIII. MD/DC Subscribers Group:
Wayne Gilmer gave a brief update on the topics that would be discussed at the September 6th MD/DC Subscribers meeting. He asked everyone to email Pete Parr at peter.n.parr@bge.com if they had any issues that needed to brought up at the meeting.

Tom Baldwin stated that the 30 minute Miss Utility Program is currently airing on various county cable access channels in the state of Maryland. Matt Ruddo stated that a complete list of program dates and times would be posted on the Miss Utility within the next day or two.

VIII. FTTP/FIOS Progress Report:
Christy Stinebaugh provided the following trench footage projections for September and October;

  September October
Anne Arundel 80,966 feet 10,614 feet
Howard 35,944 feet 7,780 feet
Prince George’s 166,000 feet 182,000 feet
Montgomery 2,634 feet 0 feet

Christy stated that 1,555 FTTP and 456 FIOS contractors have been trained so far in 2006. Several commented that the training classes have really made a difference. Christy said that have put a lot of people out on the street to monitor the project.

Christy introduced Kenton Jones (Verizon) as the replacement for Ken Ruppert for FTTP damage analysis and reporting.

IX. Open Discussion:
Ron Deneau (Deneau Construction, Inc.) stated that he is a sewer main contractor working in Montgomery County and has had a lot of issues requesting meetings and getting locate marks the past few years. Kelly Hardy (Utiliquest) offered up several suggestions. He said Ron should request a pre-construction meeting, provide drawings and/or maps at the meeting, only call in a locate request for a week’s worth of work and white line his jobs.

There was a general discussion about the Montgomery County section of the Miss Utility Law and the best times for requesting meeting tickets. Tom Baldwin stated that the Miss Utility Law does not recognize a meeting ticket. A few commented that a meeting should be requested in the Remarks section of the ticket. Kelly Hardy reiterated that it would be best for folks to request a meeting before the start of a project to open up the lines of communication. Jack Sullivan (BGE) suggested that a meeting be scheduled in the afternoon because locators are working Emergency tickets during the morning hours.

Dennis Lescalleet (Pleasants Construction) shared a tragic story in which two men died in a manhole at Villa Julie College. He said that one man went into the manhole to pick up a tool he had dropped and died because there was no oxygen in the hole. The other man went into the manhole to save the person, but died as well. Dennis stated that they would be alive today had they tested the atmosphere in the manhole before they went in. Wayne Gilmer stated that the Safety Council of Maryland provides excellent training on confined space.

John Payne (Southern Maryland Cable) and Mark Hamrick thanked Jack Sullivan for the safety training he did for Southern Maryland Cable and Networx, Inc.

Tom Baldwin stated that BGE has seen an increase in damages recently because of the lack of rain and hard soil. He said that it is important that everyone follow safe digging practices.

There was a lengthy discussion about nixing and bumping utility lines. Jack Sullivan stated that they are seeing an increase in faults from cables that had been nixed six to twelve months ago. He requested that BGE be contacted whenever a cable jacket/sheathing is nixed. He also indicated that BGE would not bill for it. A few stated that utility owners should be contacted directly whenever a utility line is going to be exposed for long periods of time.

Kelly Hardy attended the National Locator Rodeo and said that Pennsylvania was looking to partner with Maryland for a feeder event. A few said that approval would need to come from the MD/DC Subscribers Committee.

Mitzi Ambush (PEPCO) reminded everyone to make sure they call for remarks if only flags are present. She said the flags can be moved by the general public and that it is best to have paint marks. She also stated that contractors should not use conduit runs that are sticking out of the ground as their marks.

Upcoming Damage Prevention Presentations:
August 25th Anne Arundel County Department of Public Works Bureau of Highways at 2660 Riva Road in Annapolis, MD from 8:00 am to 10:00 am

Upcoming Trade shows:

  • 21st Centennial Contractors 2006 Mid-Atlantic Safety Fair at the La Fontaine Bleu in Lanham, MD
  • 30th & Oct. 1st Harford Live Home & Garden Show at Ripken Stadium in Aberdeen, MD


  • 20th-22nd Fall Maryland Home and Garden Show at the Timonium Fairgrounds in Timonium, MD
  • 27th-29th Suburban Maryland Fall Home & Garden Show at the Show Place Arena in Upper Marlboro, MD

Upcoming Meetings:
The next Maryland/DC Damage Prevention meeting is scheduled for September 26, 2006 at the Miss Utility Center. Coffee and donuts will be served at 9:00 am. The meeting will begin at 9:30 am.

The next Maryland/DC Marking Standards Committee will meet immediately following the Damage Prevention Meeting. Lunch will be available for those that attend.

The Maryland/DC Subscribers meeting will be held December 6, 2006 at the Miss Utility Center. Coffee and donuts will be served at 8:30 am, and the meeting will begin at 9:00 am.

There being no further business to be brought before the committee, the meeting was adjourned at 10:25 am.

Attendee List
Name   Company   Phone   Email
Wayne Gilmer   Utiliquest   301-674-2769   Walter.gilmer@utiliquest.com
Mark Hamrick   Verizon   410-610-1371   Mark.a.hamrick@verizon.com
Shawn Breen   Verizon   410-737-4042   Shawn.p.breen@verizon.com
Matt Ruddo   Miss Utility Center   410-712-0056   matt@missutility.net
Tim Kempa   Comcast   410-371-3304   Tim_kempa@cbale.comcast.com
Christy Stinebaugh   Verizon   410-737-4150   Christy.m.stinebaugh@verizon.com
Bedee DuPree   Mastec   443-336-2842   Bedee.dupree@mastec.com
Ron Deneau   Deneau Construction, Inc.   301-252-7703   ronden@comcast.net
Tom Baldwin   BGE   410-291-3121   t.c.baldwin@bge.com
Erik Phillips   Utiliquest, LLC   410-5360070   Erik.phillips@utiliquest.com
Lawrence Johnson   Homeowner   301-868-5298    
Tim Van Cleve   Verizon   410-303-3923   Timothy.m.vancleve@verizon.com
G. M. Johnson   PEPCO   301-670-8735   gmjohnson@pepco.com
Mitzi Ambush   PEPCO   240-508-4075   mambush@pepco.com
Karen Watkins   SMECO   301-274-4350   Karen.watkins@smeco.coop
John Payne   Southern Maryland Cable   410-867-7577   jpayne@smcinc.com
Brian Sink   S&N Communications   301-874-8773   bsink@sncommfo.com
Tony Goodman   Washington Gas   703-750-4708   agoodman@washgas.com
Kelly Hardy   Utiliquest, LLC   410-536-0070   Kelly.hardy@utiliquest.com
Denise Collins   Networx, Inc.   410-414-8494   dcollins@networxusa.com
Mike Collins   Networx, Inc   410-414-8494   mc@networxusa.com
Steve  Verbury   Washington Gas   703-819-1587    
Sean Davis   S&N   240-285-8875   sdavis@sncommfo.com
Dena Walters   OCC Locating   410-712-0202   dena@occls.com
Sherell Stone   NPL Construction   410-355-1083   sstone@nplcc.com
Rick Behrens   CableCom   916-712-5028   rlbehrens@bellsouth.net
Alex Dankanich   DOT/Pipeline Safety   202-260-8518   Alex.dankanich@dot.gov
Dennis Lescalleet   Pleasants Construction   301-428-0800   dlescalleet@pleasants.org
Kenton Jones   Verizon   410-746-7097   Kenton.l.jones@verizon.com
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