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Damage Prevention Committee

Minutes of Maryland/DC Damage Prevention Meeting
November 28, 2006
Miss Utility Call Center
Hanover, MD  21076

I. Call To Order and Introduction:
Wayne Gilmer (Utiliquest) called the regular monthly meeting to order at 9:36 am.
Introductions were made.

The minutes of October 24, 2006 were approved.

II. Damage Prevention Presentations:
None at this time.

III. Safety Events:
Wayne Gilmer stated that the National Capitol Park and Planning Commission safety event was nice and that the committee should consider providing a training session in addition to being an exhibitor.

IV. SafetyComm Solutions Pipeline Safety Presentation and Dinner:
Mark Hamrick (Verizon) attended the Waldorf event held on November 6, 2006. The concentration was on pipeline safety and sponsored by Columbia Gas, Call Before You Dig. Pipeline operators will be available when excavators are digging near their pipe and contact information was provided. Contractors, utility members and emergency responders attended this safety presentation. Columbia, MD will be the site for the next presentation scheduled for November 29th.

V. Trade Shows:
Wayne Gilmer stated the Upper Marlboro show was great. Excellent participation and great support from the venue; vendors were assisted with loading and unloading of exhibit materials and helpful in answering set up questions.

Discussion for contact improvement regarding event scheduling ensued. Kevin Woolbright (WSSC) suggested a location map be emailed for exhibit set up. Parking information or restrictions be provided and a contact list be afforded to all participants in case replacements were needed or someone was running late. Wayne Gilmer will look into this for future events.

VI. Locator Achievement/Dig Smart Committee:
Nelson Sneed (Verizon) stated the awards banquet would be held March 29th at the Sheraton in Columbia, MD. He also stated that we would probably not get a proclamation this year from the new governor due to time constraints.

Dora Parks (Miss Utility) provided copies of the Locator Achievement Awards notice and nomination form for review. Locator nominations due December 13th.

VII. Marking Standards Group:
Wayne Gilmer stated that establishing marking standards was a slow and cautious process. Wayne provided a brief update regarding the committee's strides to determine pipe sizes definitions and what constitutes "high profile". The committee will resume meetings in January 2007.

VIII. Title 12 Working Group:
Wayne Gilmer acknowledged and thanked BGE for hosting the group meeting.  He stated it was well attended, the PSC gave a power point presentation and Dick Schaffer (PSC) provided the opening remarks. Minutes of the meeting would be available at www.missutility.net.

There was a lengthy discussion regarding law change, federal intervention and investigations regarding safe digging practices, enforcement, education, training, damage reporting efforts and marketing. The consensus of the working group was that infrastructure demands law changes; clarifications need to be made and grey areas need to be removed.  That building a strong partnership would ultimately achieve the goals of the group. Wayne Gilmer asked that everyone provide feedback from the Working Group meeting via email to him and he would forward to Dick Schaffer.

The next meeting will be held on November 29, 2006 and hosted by Verizon (Andre Robinson: 410-393-0580).

IX. MD/DC Subscribers Group:
The next Subscribers meeting will be held December 6, 2006 at 9:00 am at the Miss Utility Call Center. A holiday luncheon will be provided by One Call Concepts, Inc.

Nelson Sneed provided FTTP damage ratios: 9.7 damages per 10,000 feet.  To date, the yearly is 1.77.  Nelson stressed that continued communications, partnering, training and following best practices will help to reduce these damage ratios in 2007.

  December January February
Anne Arundel 185,430 363,790 119,770
Baltimore 110,670 102,760 236,670
Howard 64,960 93,170 231,350
Montgomery 39,410 24,850 0
Prince George’s 291,480 219,030 106,470

XI. Open Discussion:
Wayne Gilmer stated he received a complaint from Chevy Chase area regarding the use of paint.  There was some discussion regarding the amount of paint needed to identify buried lines and placement of paint, being mindful of homeowners and private property in addition to abiding by utility standards and possible education of homeowners.

Wayne Gilmer provided certificates of appreciation for participation in the contractor events.

Scott Brown (WGL) reported that Washington Gas has seen its lowest damage ratio to tickets in years. He thanked everyone for the support, partnership and attention to damage prevention and safety.

There being no further business to be brought before the committee, the meeting was adjourned at 11:46am.

Attendee List
Name   Company   Phone   Email
Wayne Gilmer   Utiliquest   301-674-2769   Walter.gilmer@utiliquest.com
Zenon Sushko   MDPSC   410-767-8113   zsushko@psc.state.md.us
Shawn Breen   Verizon   410-737-4042   Shawn.p.breen@verizon.com
Matt Ruddo   Miss Utility Center   410-712-0056   matt@missutility.net
Vince Healy   Verizon   301-898-9695   Vincent.c.healy@verizon.com
Tom Baldwin   BGE   410-291-3121   t.c.baldwin@bge.com
Robert Timon   Pleasants Construction   301-428-0800   rtimon@pleasants.org
Paul Leatherman   Midasco   410-365-4591   pleatherman@midasco.net
Karen Watkins   SMECO   301-274-4350   Karen.watkins@smeco.coop
Kelly Hardy   Utiliquest, LLC   410-536-0070   Kelly.hardy@utiliquest.com
Robert Vicks   PEPCO   202-388-2141   rvicks@pepco.com
Dena Walters   OCC Locating Services   410-712-0202   dena@occls.com
Sherell Stone   NPL Construction   410-355-1083   sstone@nplcc.com
Rick Behrens   CableCom   916-712-5028   rlbehrens@bellsouth.net
Veronica Rozier   Utiliquest   407-697-7161   Veronica.rozier@utiliquest.com
Dave Dubs   Networx   703-989-1715   ddubs@networxusa.com
Russ Larner   Verizon   410-737-4041   Russell.a.larner@verizon.com
Bede DuPree   Mastec   443-336-2842   Bedee.dupree@mastec.com
Nelson Sneed   Verizon   301-230-5050   Nelson.sneed@verizon.com
John Payne   Southern MD Cable   410-867-7577   jpayne@smcinc.biz
Joseph Mallon   Verizon   301-977-2804   Joseph.p.mallon@verizon.com
Michael Jewell   Columbia Gas   240-420-2026   mjewell@nisource.com
Kevin Woolbright   WSSC   301-206-8216   kwoolbr@wssc.water.com
Mike Collins   Networx Inc   410-320-7906   mc@networxusa.com
Nathan Tidd   Networx Inc.   410-474-6950   ntidd@networxusa.com
Kevin Black   Arthur M Black, Inc.   301-776-7520   Kevin.black@verizon.net
Jeff Wheat   James A. Wheat & Sons   301-670-1944   jwheat@wheatandsons.com
Chuck Small   ERW Homes   301-926-7464  
Tim Kempa   Comcast   410-371-3304   Tim_Kempa@cable.comcast.com
Mitzi Ambush   PEPCO   240-508-4075   mambush@pepco.com
Alex Baquie   AA County   410-222-7344   alexboquie@aacounty.org
Scott Brown   Washington Gas   703-750-4388  
Tony Goodman   Washington Gas   703-750-4708  
Alex Dankanich   DOT/PHMSA   202-260-8518   alex_dankanich@dot.gov
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