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:: Marking Guidelines Committee

Minutes of The Marking Guidelines Meeting
November 28, 2006
Miss Utility Call Center
Hanover, MD 21076

Wayne opened the meeting with introduction of attendees and distribution of the minutes of the previous meeting held on 10/24/06. Upon review, Wayne recognized that the need to get permission from companies that we may use information from (ie: Va. State Corp. Commission) had not been done, yet. Don Jones said that he would check in to this and obtain permission, if needed. Mark Hamrick made a motion to accept the minutes of 10/24/06.

Mark, than suggested that the committee discuss that if an excavator requests flags on their miss-u ticket, that they should be responsible for the removal of those flags upon completion of the work. Tom Baldwin reminded the committee that safety is an issue when using flags (ie: lawn mowers hitting them and turning them in to projectiles). Also, reasoning as to why the flags are being requested should be looked at. Wayne stated that when he was a locator, he did not put flags down in any residential area for safety reasons. Tom Baldwin referred to BGE Marking Standards as it relates to the use of flags.
Norman Moore added that flags should never be placed by themselves and should always be used in conjunction with paint, even for “emergency tickets”. Discussion than carried to the subject of an emergency crew should be required to be on site when an emergency ticket is called in.

The committee

  • Voted and accepted: 100% in favor of:
    “When and Where Flags Are To Be Used:”
  • Discretion shall be utilized when using flags as it relates to public safety
    (ie: playgrounds, schools, residential area, etc.)
  • Areas without fixed vegetation (dirt only lots, dirt roads, etc.)
  • When inclement weather exists or is anticipated
  • Heavy construction/ high traffic construction sites
  • Right of ways with tall vegetation
  • Flowerbeds or other landscaped areas
  • Flags shall be used in conjunction with paint

Wayne suggested that the committee move on to “dots” or “spot marking”.
The committee discussed when dots should be used and whether or not we want to “paint ourselves in to a box”. Tom Baldwin reminded the committee that when a locator begins locating, he/ she starts by dotting the area where he/ she gets the strongest signal and than goes back and paints the lines. If the locator makes a mistake, it is doubtful that he/ she will go back and black out those beginning dots.

The committee

Voted and accepted: 100% in favor of:“Dots”
Dots should be used on sidewalks, driveways, flowerbeds, landscaped areas, or other areas where customers may be sensitive to normal locate paint markings (ie: stamped concrete, historical and revitalized areas, etc.)

Tom, also made the point that maybe we shouldn’t call these “Marking Standards”, but instead call them “Marking Guidelines & Best Practices”

Finally, Wayne reminded the committee that our next meeting will follow the Damage Prevention Meeting on Jan. 24, 2007.

Meeting adjourned at 1:40pm.

Attendee List
Name Company Phone Email
Wayne Gilmer Utiliquest 301-674-2769 Walter.gilmer@utiliquest.com
Tom Baldwin BGE 410-291-3677 t.c.baldwin@bge.com
John F. Payne Southern MD Cable 410-867-4340 jpayne@smcinc.biz
Sherell Stone NPL 410-354-3972 sstone@nplcc.com
Tom Hastings OCCLS 410-712-0544
Dena Walters Pepco 202-388-2148 dena@occls.com
Ken Payne Verizon 410-414-5685 khpayne@pepco.com
Mark Hamrick Comcast 410-371-3304 Mark.a.hamrick@verizon.com
Tim Kempa Utiliquest Tim_Kempa@cable.comcast.com
Kelly Hardy Washington Gas 703-750-7584 Kelly.hardy@utiliquest.com
Don Jones Pleasants Escavating 301-428-0800 djones@washgas.com
Robert Timon Pleasants Construction 301-428-0800 rtimon@pleasants.org
Gary Shulties SMECO 301-274-4350 Gshulties@Delmarva.com
Karen Watkins SMECO 410-535-9409 Karen.Watkins@Smeco.coop
Norman Moore Columbia Gas/MD 240-420-2026 Norman.Moore@Smeco.coop
Michael Jewell NETWORX 703-989-1715 Mjewell@Nisource.com
Dave Dubs MDPSC 410-767-8113 DDubs@NETWORXUSA.com
Zenon Sushko WSSC 301-206-8216 Zshushko@PSC.STATE.MD.US
Alex Baquie AA County 410-222-7340 AlexBaquie@aacounty.org
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