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Steering Committee to Rewrite the District One-Call Law
Chairman, Scott Brown: Vice Chairman, Meena Gowda, Esq.
Host Venue – Miss Utility Call Center in Hanover, MD
Minutes of the Meeting – March 21, 2016
Prepared by Dora Parks, Secretary


    To modify the current District of Columbia One-Call Law, Title 34 “Public Utilities”; Subtitle 7, Chapter 27 to meet the requirements of PHMSA’s Nine Key Elements of an effective damage prevention program and to reflect best and current practices. Enforcement of the DC law will have its foundation in outreach and education.

The 55th meeting of the Steering Committee was called to order at 9:00 am by Chairman Brown. Customary committee and guest introductions were made, thirteen committee members in attendance.

Meeting minutes of February 29, 2016 were approved as amended.

Hung Nguyen (PHMSA) introduced himself as the replacement committee member for Alex Dankanish. Mr. Nguyen stated PHMSA was encouraged by the committee’s efforts to improve Title 34 and would provide their support at any juncture by means of letters or meetings. It was suggested that PHMSA meet with the OAG to explain progress of draft, committee members would be invited to the proposed meeting. PHMSA also supports the committee’s consensus method of working through the law draft.

Committee member Elliott Garrett stated Ms. Beverly Perry (Senior Advisor to the Mayor’s Office) requested DDOT to provide an overview of the Title 34 draft to include proposed enforcement strategies within the week. Mr. Garrett stated DDOT had no authority in matters outside of public space, therefore not anticipating interest in being the enforcement entity of the new drafted law. Mr. Ogbue (DC PSC) stated their enforcement was limited to gas/pipelines.

Committee discussions;
Members, Board of Directors role in utility law.
What DC Government bodies may be interested in providing Title 34 enforcement?
Test pitting and vacuum excavation as a nondestructive method.
Abandoned utility lines.

The committee completed its review of part 1, Definitions and General Provisions.

The committee agreed to meet for a longer period of time for their April meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 11:35am.

Scheduled committee meetings at the Miss Utility Call Center starting at 8:30am,

Friday, April 8, 2016 – committee will meet until 2:00pm.
Friday, April 29, 2016

Title 34 Rewrite Steering Committee meetings are open to the public and are held at the Miss Utility Call Center located at; 7223 Parkway Drive, Suite 100 Hanover, MD 21076.

Meeting Attendees;

Sorted By First Name

Angela Lee
Manager, State Government Relations
Verizon (202) 515-2513 angela.lee@verizon.com
Denny Showalter (DC NUCA)
Excavator Committee Member
Insight, LLC (DC NUCA Rep) (703) 999-8828 dshowalter@planwithinsight.com
Dora Parks
Call Center Committee Member
One Call Concepts (410) 782-2026 dora@missutility.net
Elliott Garrett
DDOT Committee Member
DDOT (202) 671-2801 elliott.garrett@dc.gov
Hung Nguyen
PHMSA   hung.nguyen@dot.gov
Jim Barron
MUFDPA Committee Member
MUFDPA (410) 782-2102 jim.barron@mddpa.org

Joe Shelton (DC NUCA)
Excavator Committee Member

B.F. Joy (DC NUCA Rep) (301) 699-6002 jshelton@bfjoy.com
Juan Vogel
Locator Committee Member
UtiliQuest (703) 929-9710 juan.vogel@utiliquest.com
Kevin Woolbright
MDUFDPA Committee Member
WSSC (240) 205-3684 kwoolbr@wsscwater.com
Matt Ruddo
Call Center Committee Member
One Call Concepts (410) 782-2025 mruddo@occinc.com
Scott Brown
Gas Committee Member
WGL (703) 750-4388 ssbrown@washgas.com
Sean Parran
Electric Committee Member
PEPCO (240) 882-6499 slparran@pepco.com
Udeozo Ogbue
DC PSC Committee Member
DC PSC (202) 626-9190 uogbue@psc.dc.gov

Meeting minutes, attendee list and Title 34 working draft copies are available for review at,

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